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Historic Rossmore
I am the grandson of the original builder / developer, Harry Feigenbaum, who successfully built the Ravenswood Apartments prior to the project at 410 N. Rossmore [“Rossmore apartment project presented at a ‘town hall,’” October, 2021.]
He owned the property free and clear and operated the Ravenswood. Never being satisfied to sit back and relax, he took out a large loan on the Ravenswood to build the even larger project at 410 N. Rossmore. Then came the “Great Depression” and he had to give up the project to the bank. Being of strong mind, he continued to build in Los Angeles for a few more years and then moved to San Francisco to continue a few more projects. He passed away after barely reaching 60.
Terry Feigenbaum
Cheviot Hills

Larchmont Centennial
Gotta sit down with this one for a couple hours. So much great stuff. Thank you!
Roberta O’Donnell
Wilshire Park

Received! Looks beautiful. I can’t wait to read it! Congratulations on [the] 100th anniversary!
Julie Stromberg

Congratulations on the OUTSTANDING edition! Incredible commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Larchmont Village and a keeper!
Larry Guzin
Windsor Square

Your 100th anniversary edition of the Larchmont Chronicle was spectacular! The photos of this neighborhood going back decades show how special it is and how much of it has been preserved. I am a collector of newspapers when they chronicle significant events. This edition of your paper went right into my collection. Congratulations and thanks!
Zev Yaroslavsky
Miracle Mile North

I just wanted to let you know that we (including Leighton, age 4 mos. loved reading through the special edition of the Chronicle! So fun to learn about the neighborhood!
Landry Doyle Wiese
Windsor Square








Great sorting through the history of our Blvd. By the way, here’s an ad copy from one of the early day markets on Larchmont. Something I recovered from the trash bin from Sid Avery’s estate. Met some family members when I posted the photo on Nextdoor.
Keith Johnson
Larchmont Village

Image courtesy of Keith Johnson














Congratulations on your supreme publication — both the special anniversary section and the rest of it. You did a masterful job. What a great legacy for the community.
Jane Gilman
Former Publisher

What an achievement! I am very proud of you. The cover photo and the lead
story and the way it is so well-written — just grabs your attention… “breathless, energetic, super active times …” That is exactly the energy and seize-the-day spirit of cooperation, joy, hope and resilience we need to breathe new vigor into the new era emerging together beyond COVID and using the fabulous Centennial as a springboard and catalyst for Larchmont Village’s revitalized brilliant future.
Lyn MacEwen Cohen
Hancock Park

Re Lyn MacEwen Cohen’s message … I concur! Just finished reading the entire edition on Sunday afternoon and it is fabulous. THANK YOU! May I continue to choose to wear my rose-colored lenses and roll up my sleeves in the coming decades!
Anne Loveland
Hancock Park

The 100 Years of Larchmont that you put together is absolutely fabulous. So interesting and so well done! Congratulations.
Hilary Crahan
Windsor Square

I am watching the Dodgers while digesting the amazing job you and your team did on the Chronicle’s [Larchmont 100th Anniversary] issue. Wow! What a great job! Congrats!
Harry Chandler

Bravo, Chronicle! Your 100-year anniversary issue is such a treasure. After living for 54 years in Hancock Park, I remember much of it well. Thank you.
Diana “DeDe” McNicholas

We have been thoroughly entertained for the past two days reading the special edition of the Chronicle! Great job!!! So much fun and we plan to share it with family members.
Margaret and John Given

Just a note of thanks for the great booklet, “Larchmont Then and Now.” How I remember the movie theater and Jurgensens Market, Phil’s Poultry and all the other bygone memories! I know how much work you put into this history, and after 70 years of good memories — you are great!
Joann Clark and Family
Windsor Square

The LC Larchmont Centennial Edition is glorious. An exceptional work by you and the staff! Congratulations!
Brian Curran
Windsor Square

Lots of fun looking at the old photos.
George Hawley
Windsor Square

Fantastic special edition of Larchmont Chronicle this month!
George Epstein
Miracle Mile North

Heartfelt congratulations to the entire staff on your Centennial issue on Larchmont Boulevard in the October issue of the Larchmont Chronicle! It is remarkable and a treasured document!
I grew up in the 1940s and ’50s in Hancock Park, and I have fond memories of Larchmont. My friends and I would walk or bike to Larchmont Boulevard to see a movie, visit Chevalier’s, the record store and Balzer’s. Our family would sometimes go out for a meal in the cafeteria. Sincerely and gratefully,
Sandy Boeck

There’s so much fascinating material, it took me a few days to get to the historical issue, which is great. Wonderful pictures and text. Put it safely in a time capsule for another hundred years from now. Thanks.
David Trainer
Hancock Park

Excellent job on the Chronicle’s Souvenir Edition for Larchmont’s 100th Anniversary. I thoroughly enjoyed it and appreciate the work put into it.
Nora Houndalas
Le Petit Greek Restaurant

Wow! Just received your 100th anniversary Chronicle. Epic souvenir collector’s edition — 96 pages and 32-page insert. Congratulations on your hard work!
Tom Berens
San Mateo

I enjoyed reading the history of Larchmont in the Larchmont Chronicle; well done!
Craig Lawson

Thank you so much for putting out an absolutely fantastic 100th anniversary issue! I moved to the area about 17 years ago and love the community here and of course Larchmont is a fantastic neighborhood street. I really loved learning so much about the history of the area in this issue. The articles and pictures were awesome and I really thank you for sharing the rich history of our lovely neighborhood in such a fantastic way. A job well done!
Alan Wolovitch
Ridgewood Place

First off, bravo on the 100th Anniversary issue; the articles and photos showing the history of the Boulevard were terrific.
There was, however, an error in your 100th Anniversary issue on page 28 where you spotlighted the classic films that were shot on Larchmont Boulevard. You led off the silent film section writing:
“In 1917, vaudeville actor Harry Langdon, in ‘Lonesome Luke, Messenger,’ is in haste to deliver packages, and he falls off his bike in front of the homes at Clinton Street and Larchmont Boulevard.”
While Langdon did come from vaudeville, it was Harold Lloyd who created and played the Lonesome Luke character in a series of short two-reelers before he moved on to his more famous “glasses” character as seen in the other films you mentioned — “Hot Water” and “For Heaven’s Sake.”

Richard Whitley


Regarding the story, “Soaring ‘60s Bring Man to Moon, Return to Nostalgia” (page 24 of October’s Souvenir Collector’s Edition), a reader points out “realtors” did not design the apartment house project on the former Black Foxe School property. Architect Ragnar Qvale was hired to design, for a private client, Hancock Park Terrace, a 100-unit luxury apartment complex of five buildings overlooking the Wilshire Country Club golf course. Qvale also designed the late-1960s redo and rebuild of the Wilshire Country Club clubhouse.
The Chronicle thanks the late Mr. Qvale’s wife, Mollie Q. Clark, of Park La Brea, for this correction. The Qvales and their family lived on Muirfield Road for eight years and then in Fremont Place for 24 years. — Ed.

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