About Us

The Larchmont Chronicle…the only community newspaper serving Hancock Park, Windsor Square, Fremont Place, Larchmont Village, Brookside, Windsor Village, Miracle Mile, Park La Brea and the Palazzo East and West …with more than 77,000 readers every month.

In 1963, the Larchmont Chronicle put out its first edition and began filling a surprising publishing gap in Southern California: one of the most affluent, most established and most historic residential sections of Los Angeles—Hancock Park—had no local newspaper.

The Larchmont Chronicle was an idea whose time was long overdue. Its success was immediate, serving a population of some of the most influential citizens in public life…citizens who have strong purchasing power…and who exercise it. The Chronicle reaches the residents of one of the most affluent communities in Los Angeles and the homes of many of the city’s major business figures.

The Larchmont Chronicle does more than provide a publication for the community. It is an integral part of that community itself. It has been an active force in local activities and a catalyst for events which provide citizens a strong sense of community identification. As such, the Chronicle has earned a loyalty enjoyed by few other publications.

Today, in its sixth decade of operation, the Larchmont Chronicle boasts one of the most impressive lists of advertisers. These advertisers have been in the Chronicle year after year for one very simple reason…their ads get results.