Windsor Square streetlight project to add 99 new poles

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LAMPOSTS are  scheduled to be installed early next year.

LAMP POLES are scheduled to be installed early next year.

The good news is: work crews will be installing 99 new streetlights in Windsor Square in the beginning of next year. The bad news is, it took almost eight years to accomplish.

Paul Newman, the Windsor Square Association board member who has been overseeing the volunteer committees working with the city’s Bureau of Street Lighting, said some work will be starting soon.

The lights will be installed between First and Third Streets, Larchmont Blvd. on the west and Norton Ave. on the east.

“The BSL has informed us that crews are preparing to commence some of the underground work in advance of the pole installations,” Newman added. He has overseen the work of block captains in getting the necessary approval from residents for the project.

A number of Windsor Square residents already have fully paid their share of the cost of the streetlights, with assessments having been collected or begun about a year ago, Newman said. Cost of the project is close to $900,000.

Custom streetlight poles, being made specially to match the traditional concrete poles in Windsor Square have been ordered by BSL. The Bureau reports that the poles and other special fixtures will be delivered after the start of the new year and installed soon thereafter.

John Welborne, chairman of the Windsor Square Association Streetlight Committee, said “city government works very slowly, but we should be seeing results in the next few months.”

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