Neighborhood dog lovers unite to tell tales of their furry friends

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LUMA is truly part of the family.

LUMA is truly part of the family.

Pets add so much to family life. Our puppy, Ginger, is now a frisky and, at times, challenging one year old who behaves like a typical “teen” challenging authority and acting out for attention. She follows me everywhere and is absolutely in love with my daughters Isabella and Amelia.

It’s difficult to remember our life before Ginger came along. The thing that has surprised me most about having a dog is the amount of joy that comes from this 11-pound fluffy creature. Ginger makes everyone smile with her sweet enthusiasm—from people in stores who see her, people we encounter on the street and our friends and family. I’ve seen the benefits of responsibility and patience that the girls have shown in taking care of Ginger.

Here, some neighbors weigh in about their own pets:

Terrell Perfitt: “I can’t believe the unconditional love from my dog. I can leave the house for five minutes, return and she greets me like I have been gone for a month!”

Lizzy Martinez: “When one of our kids goes on a sleepover, our dog Sofia sneaks into their room at night to steal one of their socks to sleep with it!”

Nancy Muller: “Our dog Milo is like our third child and he loves his ‘sisters’ Frances and Agnes. He will cuddle and carry around their teddy bears when they are not home.”

Stephanie Striegel: “Our new puppy Lula is so loyal, so loving, and always interested in what we are up to. A couple more months of this and my husband and I are going to be under the impression that we are the most fascinating people on the planet.”

Cocoe Voci: “Our Chihuahua mix, Luma, is truly part of the family.  She showers us with love and kisses. The kids, Vaughn and Lila, call her ‘Licky Lu’ because of her uncontrollable urge to lick us!”

Josh Billings: “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”

Before being a dog owner I would never have understood what he meant, but Ginger’s devotion to our family has made me a believer. We give so much to our pets, but in the end, we are the ones who reap the most benefit.

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