Wilshire Library plants garden, with help from friends and graduate

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SAVANNAH SMIT, Michelle Leon and Deborah Spector helped roto-till and move soil at Wilshire Library garden.

The Wilshire Branch library got a great start on its spring gardening last month, thanks to a $1,000 donation from the Windsor Square-Hancock Park Historical Society and the pitching in of several members of Friends of the Wilshire Library (FOWL), as well as many others.

Potted plants and outdoor furniture were added to the patio, to make it more inviting. Mulch from Griffith Park (35 bags!) was roto-tilled into the soil, replacing some of the depleted dirt.
Ruth Silveira, president of FOWL, noted the heft of the soil and rocks that needed to be removed.

COOKIE AND COMICS Book Club leader and administrative clerk, J. Blakemore, roto-tills the garden, getting it ready for placing mulch.

“What a lot of lifting and carrying went on that day and the day before! There is no easy way to get to that back patio, you may have noticed. So many thanks to the strong arms and backs that did the heavy lifting,” said Silveira.

VOLUNTEER Victor Pawelzik gathers mulch at Griffith Park.

Volunteers included Stephen Robertson, Savannah Smit, Deborah Spector, Victor Pawelvik, and Rodd Amos from the garden committee; J. Blakemore, leader of the Cookies and Comics club; FOWL treasurer Debbie Willis and “As Needed Messenger Clerk” Eric Montelongo.

Congratulations, Eric!

The week after the garden was put in, Eric attended his senior prom. He is graduating from Fairfax High School this year. He plans to attend Cal State Northridge and study political science and economics.


Eric began working at the library last summer as a youth worker in the Mayoral Initiative for young people from ages 16 to 24 to gain experience working in different city departments.
After Eric reached his maximum number of hours, he was hired.

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