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CANDIDATE to represent one of the 15 geographic areas speaks to fellow candidates and other stakeholders at the recent forum held at The Ebell of Los Angeles.

Come to the Barking Lot, 336 N. Larchmont Blvd., just north of Beverly Blvd., to register and vote in the 2019 election of Directors for the Greater Wilshire neighborhood Council.

Just as it was for the last election in 2016, voter registration tables and polling stations will be in the parking lot of the Barking Lot pet supply store.

Anyone who is a “stakeholder” in the neighborhood (shown in the accompanying map) may vote. Those who live, work or own property in the neighborhood may cast two votes — one vote for a representative of the geographic area where the voter lives, works or owns property, and one vote in a special interest category for which that voter qualifies. Any voter may vote in the “at-large” special interest category. Registering to vote requires documentation to prove the voter’s address and qualification to vote in a special interest category. Find detailed information about documentation at:

The elections are being overseen by the GWNC Elections Committee, chaired by director Max Kirkham, who also serves as secretary of both  the board and its Land Use Committee. At the forum, Kirkham read statements submitted by four candidates who could not attend.

The GWNC portal to additional elections information is:

Candidate Forum

The GWNC held a candidate Forum preceding its Feb. 13 board of directors meeting, and most candidates attended and gave brief speeches about their candidacies. Three candidates who are running unopposed did not speak, but eight did. In a race where there are two candidates, the runner-up will become the alternate director, to participate in meetings whenever the director is absent.

Only one race has more than two candidates, and all three of those candidates spoke at the forum. The contested race is in Area 7, which is the Larchmont Village neighborhood between Beverly and Melrose, from Arden Blvd. to Wilton Pl. The three candidates are residents Vincent Cox, Charles D’Atri and Brian Magaway Yanuaria.

The polls will be open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on March 31.

These are the candidates:

Geographic Area Representatives:

Area 1, Brookside:

Owen Smith

Area 2, Citrus Square:

Jeffry Carpenter

Area 3, Country Club Heights:

No Candidate

Area 4, Fremont Place:

Bobbie Kumetz

Area 5, Hancock Park:

Jennifer R. DeVore

Area 6, La Brea/Hancock:

Cathy Roberts

Tammy Rosato

Area 7, Larchmont Village:

Vincent Cox

Charles D’Atri

Brian Magaway Yanuaria

Area 8, Melrose Neighborhood:

Philip A. Farha

Area 9, Oakwood-Maplewood-

St. Andrews Neighborhood:

Max Kirkham

Area 10, Ridgewood – Wilton – St. Andrews Square:

Patricia Carroll

Area 11, Sycamore Square:

Joshua Kirchmer

Conrad Starr

Area 12, Western-Wilton

(“We-Wil”) Neighborhood:

Erica Gutierrez

Greg Wittmann

Area 13, Wilshire Park:

John Gresham

Kim Nortman

Area 14, Windsor Square:

Caroline Labiner Moser

Area 15, Windsor Village:

Julie Stromberg

Special Interest Category Representatives:


Charlie Rosenberg

John Winther


Hayden Conner Ashworth


Scott Appel

Bridget Bones


Michael Genewick

Other Nonprofit:

Colette Amin

Tucker Carney

At Large:

Brian Curran

Karen Gilman

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