One resident’s solution to texting drivers

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MESSAGE to stop texting while driving is aim of Margot Grabie, shown with daughter Ava.

MESSAGE to stop texting while driving is aim of Margot Grabie, shown with daughter Ava.

Driving down any thoroughfare in Los Angeles, you may notice the person driving 40 miles per hour next to you is texting on a cell phone.

Concerned parent Margot Grabie, Citrus Ave., finally had enough and decided to do something about it.

“After seeing near crashes by drivers who were texting and driving, I’ve taken this issue very seriously in search of a solution to make our community safe,” says Grabie.

Her solution? To write a message on her car’s rear window, encouraging drivers to stop texting.  She then began to offer the same window markers to other drivers so that they, too, could share their own “no texting and driving” messages on their rear car windows.

“I realize this isn’t a traditional approach, but this isn’t a traditional problem either.”

Grabie distributes the markers for free. Her goal is to get other concerned drivers to transform their own cars into mobile billboards, reminding drivers behind them to stop texting and driving.

“I’ve had some markers donated, but I’ve been paying for the postage which is adding up,” laments Grabie.

Not to be deterred, she has expanded her campaign onto Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and is thrilled at the response.

“I’ve received requests for bumper stickers and car magnets so that drivers can share their mission with other drivers by using the backs of their cars,” she says.

So far, Grabie estimates that there are more than 100 cars driving with the painted window messages around the Hancock Park area.

May was National Teen Safe Driving month, so Grabie believes the timing is perfect to spread awareness within the community.

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