Magic, mystery and Yale in Bardugo’s new book, TV series

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NINTH HOUSE is Leigh Bardugo’s first non-YA novel

On the heels of the release of Leigh Bardugo’s first adult novel, “Ninth House,” Amazon Studios announced that it plans to develop the book as a TV series.

Bardugo grew up in Windsor Square and attended Marlborough School. Her publisher, Flatiron Books (part of MacMillan), released the book last month.

Set in an alternate reality of Yale University, the story tells of Galaxy “Alex” Stern as she negotiates Ivy League life and enters the world of university secret societies.

As a high school dropout from Los Angeles, 20-year-old Alex has made a number of bad choices over the years, including one that almost gets her killed. When she ends up in the hospital, she is given a second chance with a full-ride scholarship to Yale from mysterious benefactors. Once she arrives in New Haven, however, she finds that things are not as they seem, as she investigates the eight secret societies, or “tombs,” that her patrons have asked her to look into.

Her book has been praised by several speculative fiction heavy hitters, such as Lev Grossman (“The Magicians”), Charlaine Harris (“True Blood”), Joe Hill (“Horns”) and Stephen King, among others.

According to “Deadline,” the Hollywood media news outlet, Amazon won the rights to the novel in a “competitive situation.” Bardugo will be attached to the project as writer and executive producer.

The writer has written several young adult novels and short stories. Earlier this year it was announced that Netflix would be turning Bardugo’s Grishaverse novels, “Shadow and Bones” and “Six of Crows,” into an eight-episode series.

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