‘Larchmont Walking Ladies’ keep in shape while feeding their soul

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LARCHMONT LADIES in the walking contingent are, from left, Gloria Flores, Ines Aguirre, Lisa Avazian and Marion Plato.

LARCHMONT LADIES in the walking contingent are, from left, Gloria Flores, Ines Aguirre, Lisa Avazian and Marion Plato.

Every weekday, come drizzle or shine, a group of local women who call themselves the “Larchmont Walking Ladies” gets together to do just that­­­—walk. And walk they do for two-and-a-half miles per day.

The tradition started back in 1990 when Marion Plato, Lisa Avazian, Gloria Flores and Inez Aguirre were raising children. They needed an outlet and a way to see their friends, so they hopped out of bed each morning, strapped on their walking shoes and hit the pavement.

After carpooling to Lisa Azarian’s house at Hudson and Beverly, the team walks down Beverly to Larchmont where they stop at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, occasionally popping over to Rite-Aid for errands.

“It started as a way to get out of the house after having kids,” says Marion, “and then it turned into a decades-long commitment. We have found the social and psychological benefits are extraordinary, and if we get a little exercise at the same time—even better!”

The social aspects of the walk are abundant. The employees at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf all know them by name.  The ladies have made many new friends walking up and down the boulevard, including dog owners and parents of children at their own kids’ schools.

The “Larchmont Walking Ladies” are so well known on the boulevard that they even have their own song and wear jackets that read “Larchmont Village” on the front.  “We are the ladies of Larchmont, you’ve heard so much about…” laughs Marion as she breaks into the song.

The friends, who now range in age from their 60s to 80s, have had their lives strengthened by their walking bond.  They have seen each other through ups and downs, graduations, weddings, grandchildren and health issues.  They have joined local charities together, volunteering for groups such as the local chapter of the Needlework Guild Association (NGA).

At the end of every morning’s one-hour walk, the Larchmont Walking Ladies get into their cars and go their separate ways.

“We look forward to walking the next day, though,” reflects Marion, “because it’s what gets us out of bed.”

By Sondi Toll Sepenuk



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