Home at 361 N. Citrus Ave., one year later

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CONSTRUCTION underway at 361 N. Citrus Ave., at the corner of Oakwood, November 2020.

The reaction throughout Los Angeles to the sudden demolition last year of an historic 1927 Tudor-style home at 361 N. Citrus Ave., on the southwest corner of Oakwood Ave., was like a roar of outrage that echoed everywhere. Tinyurl.com/y2j8s5xq is just one example. There are nearly 100 other online references to the destruction of the home.

The beautiful home had been purchased by developer Reuven Gradon, president of Afton Properties, and his wife, who had sent a letter to the sellers stating unequivocally how the Gradons would care for and preserve the home. Shortly after the sale closed, however, the home was demolished.

DISTINGUISHED Tudor-style home at 361 N. Citrus Avenue, demolished in October 2019.

A chief complaint of neighbors and architectural preservationists was that the legally required notice of demolition was not posted properly.

The Gradons said they subsequently had decided their family (then three, including a young son) needed a larger, more modern house. One year later, that large house is very visible.

Neighbors and architectural preservationists, especially the distraught sellers of the house, who were so shocked at its demolition last year, sought solutions for the future. There have been numerous suggestions offered on how to protect an historic property. See, for example: larchmontbuzz.com/featured-stories-larchmont-village/361-n-citrus-ave-an-architectural-loss-and-preservation-lessons-learned.

Also, guidance on easements and using covenants in a grant deed to achieve your preservation goals is available at: tinyurl.com/yxac775f. See also: tinyurl.com/uvtuegw.

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