Hancock Park has been planting trees

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NEW TREES for the streets of Hancock Park include this camphor tree being planted on the north side of Sixth Street, just west of Highland Avenue.

Mid-December saw landscape workers and their vehicles along several streets in Hancock Park. They were there for a big project — planting approximately 25 trees in community parkways. Funds from dues collected from members of the Hancock Park Homeowners Association (HPHOA) pay for the project, said HPHOA president Cindy Chvatal-Keane. She and members of the association’s tree committee have been working for months with arborists and city staff to prepare for this latest round of tree plantings.

Larchmont Chronicle staff spoke with members of a seven-person crew installing two large camphor trees (Cinnamomum camphora), during the afternoon of December 15, in the parkway on the north side of Sixth Street, just west of Highland Avenue. The workers commented on what is well known to local gardeners, the firmness of the clay soil in this part of town. But aided by a small tractor, the diggers were getting the job done, creating large, square holes ready to receive the new trees.

In addition to the Sixth and Highland location, new trees can be seen on Hudson, June and Las Palmas in Hancock Park. Learn more about, and see beautiful photos of, Hancock Park’s parkway trees: tinyurl.com/2bca72u2.

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