Forbes includes Devin Jameson in its ‘30 under 30’ list

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DEVIN JAMESON, center, with co-founders Jake Reisch and Matt Reiners.

A few short years ago, when Devin Jameson was growing up in Windsor Square, who knew he’d be in the “Forbes Magazine” “30 under 30” list for consumer technology leaders? He and co-founders Jake Reisch and Matt Reiners are included for providing wireless headphones to senior communities, creating something high-tech that serves people often claiming to like low-tech.

The Echo Horizon and Windward School alumnus was recently profiled in the November 2017 issue of “Forbes” for designing ergonomic headphones for those 75 years old and up. The headphones help combat social isolation and improve their quality of life.

The project grew out of the eLab Accelerator program, a four-day workshop at Cornell University for innovative electrical and technological startups.

Previously, the trio had started the company Party Headphones, a silent disco rental company that focused on excellent customer service. Their products were fancy headphones that had three channels with different music choices provided by a DJ. The wearer could choose which disco to “join” and play the music as loud as he or she wanted without disturbing anyone.

Events and parties can be unpredictable and undependable from a sales standpoint. So, when they were looking for a more consistent market, one idea that came up was the possibility of using headphones in senior communities.

EVERSOUND HEADPHONES were designed to be worn with hearing aids.

“We all have grandparents who have been impacted by hearing loss,” says Devin, who grew up with his grandmother living with his family, which he credits for his desire to help older adults.

It wasn’t a far jump to redesigning the fancy disco headphones to have easily manipulated dials and a single channel for the activities director to make announcements, plus that can work in conjunction with hearing aids and allow seniors to fully participate in events.

According to Jameson, the “Eversound” wireless headphones work better than hearing aids when it comes to helping those with hearing loss hear clearly in a group environment.

“After running an initial test with a senior community near Cornell and seeing the impact on the residents, we realized there was an opportunity to design a specialized wireless headphone system that would help millions of older adults hear clearly again,” he says.

Since Eversound launched in November 2016, it has helped improve the quality of life among seniors and has provided more than 30,000 adults, ages 75 and up, with the opportunity to hear more clearly at group events.

HEADPHONE CREATORS made something high tech to serve people who often like low-tech.

It wasn’t long before the company was featured in “The Boston Globe” and “The Wall Street Journal,” and from there “Forbes” got wind of the impact that the headphones were making at senior communities.

Hence, the national “under 30” kudos for Devin Jameson!

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