Wall Street “housing” bills

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IMAGE used by United Neighbors to oppose Sacramento housing bills.

Local residents should continue being wary of the so-called “housing” bills being proposed in Sacramento. State Senate Bills 9 and 10 are moving through the legislature. These are just the latest versions of the previously-defeated SB 827, SB 50, and SB 1120. Background: tinyurl.com/2bhxvwhh

The lobbyists for Wall Street investors and for developers, builders, and brokers just keep on coming. Learn from this website created locally in Sherman Oaks — unitedneighbors.net — how you can protect your home and your block.

Soon-to-Be Commander Shannon K. Paulson

CAPT. Shannon Paulson is being promoted.

“Congratulations” are in order for LAPD Wilshire Division Commanding Officer Capt. Shannon K. Paulson, who heard last week from Police Chief Michel R. Moore that she is being promoted to Commander. Sometime this summer, she will be moving downtown to be the assistant commanding officer of the LAPD’s Counter-Terrorism & Special Operations Bureau.

Since Jan. 2020, Capt. Paulson has been a progressive public safety leader in our Greater Wilshire community. She will be missed in our neighborhoods, but now the entire city will benefit from her commitment to modern policing. Her new challenge is a fitting one based on her wide career experience: tinyurl.com/a9jwzkj8

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