Urban oasis offers walkability, quality of life in the Mile

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GARDEN APARTMENTS have courtyards and gardens all around. In the next block is a Park La Brea tower.

People living in and near the Miracle Mile include a large percentage of the readers of the Larchmont Chronicle. Many of the most historic and architecturally interesting residential areas of Los Angeles are near the Miracle Mile. And no residential project better typifies living in the Mile than Park La Brea, which borders the Mile for most of its length.

An urban oasis between Sixth and Third Streets, from Fairfax Ave. almost to La Brea Ave., this premier residential community is home to the largest population of apartment dwellers in Los Angeles, with about 11,000 residents on its 160 acres. Park La Brea is just steps from Miracle Mile offices, shops, restaurants, museums and more.

Although it has been a residential haven for decades, today’s Park La Brea residents and management think of it as “the modern renter’s choice,” according to Maura Daly, director of marketing and leasing, and Eve Lauricella, leasing manager, respectively.

Says Lauricella: “The modern day renter is looking for a better quality of life. They want to spend their time learning, growing, experiencing life, having fun and being entertained. With rental prices continuing to rise in the city, what we spend our money on really counts. The Miracle Mile area offers so many free activities: swimming lessons at Pan-Pacific Park, Friday night Jazz at LACMA or outdoor movie night here with us and yes, they are all free! Why wouldn’t you want to move to Park La Brea?”

Although Park La Brea is just one of many rental options in and near the Miracle Mile, there is no doubt that Park La Brea is the most spacious. And, although the automobile long has been a part of the easy access to and from Park La Brea, Maura Daly says that is changing: “In this busy city our time is becoming more and more precious.

“No longer do we want to sit in our cars for hours and fight traffic to get to our nine-to-five jobs; we want to walk to work, we want to bike to work, we want to take public transportation and read that book we’ve been wanting to catch up on.

“We are seeing more and more of our households at Park La Brea changing from two vehicles down to one, and possibly even none. Ride sharing and Uber are becoming the norm. With the future completion of the Metro Purple Line to Westwood, the businesses in the area are booming.”

With the large number of alternatives units — garden apartments and tower apartments, with multiple floor plans within them — individuals and families in different stages of their lives find much that attracts them to Park La Brea. Speaking of the layouts, Lauricella says: “The tower residences always were designed to allow for sprawling panoramic views of the ever-expanding city.” She adds that, “from the top floors of our towers to the people walking through our gardens, residents and potential residents are getting a first hand view of the transformation of the Miracle Mile.”

Lauricella concludes: “We know that there are lots of choices for renters, but I truly believe that we are the coolest, most exciting community in the Miracle Mile.”

Other landlords may have similar feelings about their own buildings, and a number of those residences are listed below. In all cases, these are among the many opportunities for “Living in the Mile!”

Miracle Mile Apartments

The following list of apartment buildings in and around the Miracle Mile area is not exhaustive, but does cover a major portion of the community. These places are where we could find a contact telephone number and / or website to verify information. There are many more apartment communities in the Miracle Mile area than listed here, but not all have vacancies or contact information listed for them.

Call the numbers listed for information on units available to rent; however, these numbers sometimes change as building managers change.  Some communities also have their own websites, while others are available online on information sites such as apartmentfinder.com, rent.com, rentcafe.com and forrent.com. All are ZIP Code 90036 unless noted. If you have additions or corrections, please write to tips@larchmontchronicle.com.

• Avalon Wilshire
5115 Wilshire Blvd.
• Boulevard on Wilshire
5353 Wilshire Blvd.
• Broadcast Center Apartments
7660 Beverly Blvd.
• Burnside Villas
649 S. Burnside Ave.
• Carthay Circle Apts.
6209-6225 Olympic Blvd., 90048
• Cochran Apartments
657–665 S. Cochran Ave.
• Cochran Avenue Apartments
442 S. Cochran Ave.
• Cochran Island Apartments
342 S. Cochran Ave.
• Cochran House
740 S. Cochran Ave.
• Curson Apartments
315-323 N. Curson Ave.
• The El Rey Apartments
660 S. Cloverdale Ave.
• HPG Miracle Mile
318 S. Detroit St.
• Linda Manor Apartments
456 S. Cochran Ave.
844-739-2871; 310-430-2973
• Masselin Park West
5700 6th St.
• Micropolitan at Urban Lights
739 S. Ogden Dr.
• Museum Terrace
600 S. Curson Ave.
• Oakwood Miracle Mile
5659 W. 8th St.
• Palazzo Communities
6220 W. 3rd St.
• Palm Court Apts.
740 S. Burnside Ave.
• Park La Brea
6200 W. 3rd St.
• The Preston
630 S. Masselin Ave.
• Ridgeley Apartments
649 Ridgeley Dr.
• Tiffany Court
616 Masselin Ave.
• Wilshire Embassy Apts.
5805 W. 8th St.
• 109 N. Sycamore Ave.
• 162/164 N. Detroit St.
• 632 S. Cloverdale Ave.
• 630 Hauser Blvd.
• 756 Ridgeley Dr.
• 5550 Wilshire Blvd.

Read below for more about living in the Mile:

‘What do you enjoy most about living at Park La Brea?’

That is the question inquiring photographer Sondi Toll Sepenuk asked residents at a favorite Mile apartment complex.

“The air feels cleaner here. It’s so nice and quiet and I love to exercise outside. It’s a beautiful space with a great sense of community.”
DeAndre Wilson
8-month resident

“I really love to come to the café and sit outside in the sun, under the awnings, reading with my wife.”
Joel Eckstein
20-year resident

“I love it here because I have access to many restaurants, stores, museums and movie theatres. But it’s still very quiet and peaceful.”
4-year resident

“There’s a community feeling, with lots of kids running around and places for kids to play. We’re so close to the Grove and to the grocery stores, you don’t even need a car. We just put the kids in the strollers and go.”
Divya Vats Joshi with son Siddhant (4-year residents), and Shobhna Bhartiya
with son Sabhya
(5-year residents)

“It’s like an oasis in the middle of the city with such an extraordinary community. You have all types of activities that you can do with your neighbors.”
Sylvie Brousseau
21-year resident

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