Traffic safety increased near Park Le Brea after fatality at 6th, Hauser

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Red traffic lights at Sixth St. and Hauser Blvd. were extended by two seconds last month to give an extra cushion of safety following a fatality at the busy intersection.

The city is considering more safety measures for the area, which is adjacent to the Park La Brea apartment complex.

Councilman Tom LaBonge filed a motion asking the Dept. of Transportation to implement a study on calming measures for Sixth St., between Fairfax and La Brea avenues, which, he said, has one of the largest concentrations of people within the city.

“This is our opportunity to find new solutions to decrease speed here, add left-turn lanes, and possibly install bike lanes,” the councilman said.

The Transportation Dept.’s study found an increase in accidents at the corner and “set in motion the two-second red light phase to allow the safe and full clearance of intersections.”

The improvements will take up to 18 months to construct and require an environmental impact report due to the removal of six to 10 parking spots on Sixth St., a city spokesman estimated.

The study also seeks to review a report by Mid-City West on traffic safety and bike lanes in that area.

The Council approved the motion Aug. 15.Margaret Rosenberger, one day shy of her 75th birthday, died soon after she was hit July 11 waiting to cross the street.“A car careened off another car and jumped the curb slamming into an apartment and pinning Margaret under it,” Bernie Clinch, president of the Park La Brea Residents’ Assoc., told the Council in July.“It was a tragedy waiting to happen,” he added. Two more accidents have occurred since the fatality, and one prior, in which a car also jumped the curb and landed on the porch of the same apartment causing structural damage.Clinch said he has witnessed several near misses at the corner, close to an apartment block home to several families.Joining Clinch at City Hall were Betsy Hunter (PLBRA), and John Hunter, Park La Brea, director of resident services.

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