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Our front-page story about the legitimate fear being experienced by Jews in our community and around the world cites a number of newspaper stories about specific examples of recent incidents that justify such fear. Not included was a report about the fighting that broke out Nov. 8 at the Museum of Tolerance in West Los Angeles. Mayor Bass subsequently wrote in response: “We cannot allow current worldwide tension to devolve into this unacceptable violence in our city.” Amen.

Switching gears to another area where people with different views could benefit from tolerance and dialogue, note the story on Page 3 of Section 2 — relating to concerns about further upzoning proposals from City Planning Department staff members with minimum input from affected communities.

The proposals relate to an all-new “OPP RC” zone that would impose high density on some existing single-family lots, including in our Greater Wilshire neighborhoods.

There indeed is sufficient development capacity on commercial streets throughout Los Angeles to create needed new housing.

Those of us who favor the construction of affordable housing can still oppose this scattershot “planning.” Taking the proposed new OPP RC off the table so it may be discussed further will not discourage the building of affordable housing.

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