Tails told and purr-fect pictures of pets from our fair land

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Trixie is the newest member of Sarah Tilley’s busy household on Lucerne Boulevard and Second Street. “She was quite skinny and scared when we got her, but she’s quickly settled in and is a source of great joy for our family… My two kids have fallen in love.”

Besides chasing squirrels and birds, “Her favorite thing in the world is to go into Tailwaggers on Larchmont and get a treat from the employees.”

Read on for more Pets of Larchmont:

Robin Jameson of South Lucerne Boulevard says, “My Dobermans [Josie, 12, and Sonny, 3] are ever vigilant protectors of Windsor Square.”

Miles Chenwald is here dressed in his frog hoodie at Go Get Em Tiger on Larchmont Boulevard. “Miles is a mixed breed and will be 5 in July, we think. He was adopted,” says Lynn Chen, Larchmont Village.

“My cat Yoki likes to sleep under the covers,” Colleen Friend of North Windsor Boulevard tells us.
Callie “was the only black golden doodle in a litter of blondes,” Paul Newman and Mary Pickhardt, Irving Boulevard, tell us. “She recently graduated from puppy school, earning the ‘most improved’ award… Callie is energetic, quirky and observant and loves to say hi to people on Larchmont,” Paul adds.

Marcello is a ragamuffin — a breed derived from ragdolls — Tamara Blustein of Westchester Place explains.  “They are supposed to be quite large, around 18 pounds or so, but he’s a runt, and stays at a slim 13 pounds.  All my other cats (three) are rescues.”

MOOKIE is a Dodgers fan.

Mookie “was named after our favorite Dodger, Mookie Betts,” Marsha Goodman and Dan Einstein of Norton Avenue tell us.

Vincent LeVeque and wife Karen Jefchak of Plymouth Boulevard adopted Corro (I run) from Downtown Dog Rescue.  “He is 100% American pit bull terrier,” LeVeque tells us.

Bella and Addy chill at Manhattan Place with Mary Deles.

Olive is a 12-year-old “bloodhound lady,” Paul Hoen of Norton Avenue tells us. “She has lived here all her life and enjoys barking and howling and saying hello to all the other dogs that pass our house.”

Maddie, 6, is a fashionista Maltipoo whose hobbies include chasing balls and napping, Bill Johnson and H.J. Paik of North Arden Boulevard tell us.

Ron Bran of Plymouth Boulevard tells us his “pandemic” Polish sheep dog, Sunny, “loves going to Larchmont daily for a treat at Tailwaggers.”

David Weidman of North Rossmore Avenue walks Cooper, an 80-pound golden doodle, around Larchmont Village. “He’s very friendly and loves people and dogs. He rarely barks except when food is involved or when I show up to walk him. He’s very good-natured and a little mischievous.”

Lucy, a 2-year-old poodle mix, was adopted by Sue and George Merlis of Lucerne Boulevard. “Lucy’s favorite walk is along Larchmont, where she takes every open store door as an invitation to enter and sniff around. Next to chasing squirrels up trees, it’s her favorite activity,” George Merlis tells us.

Tishy was named after “my sister who passed away,” Suzanne Wilton tells us. Her other cat, Timmy, was named after her late brother. “They are great company and they love each other,” adds Wilton, who lives on Windsor Boulevard in a house her husband grew up in. “It was actually moved here in the 1920s when they built Bullocks Wilshire. I also grew up in the neighborhood at 421 Wilton Place. We love living here,” she says.

Willie, 12, and Michael Soriano are regular customers at Go Get Em Tiger. They “love meeting new people and dogs on a daily basis,” Soriano says. “Come by and say hi.”

Gary Private of Gramercy Place and Third Street sent us a photo of his orange tabby, Beany, with a picture of his late brother, Bond T. Pussycat.

Zephyr guesstimates he is roughly 9,100 kilometers from the Veuve Clicquot champagne house in Reims. The miniature schnauzer enjoys the good life at his South Larchmont Boulevard home with John Iglar and Jeremy Braud.

Sophia Lo of North Bronson Avenue sent us a photo of her “puppy,” Abby, an 11-month-old European English golden retriever.

While Toby hails from Irving Boulevard with Annie O’Rourke and the O’Rourke/Taormina family, in a previous life she was a street cat and fostered outside (hence the clipped ear).

Peter and Appa

Two Persians join two dogs in a home in Larchmont Village. “We also have a 7 1/2-year-old daughter, so it is a bit of a zoo at our house!” explains Melanie Kaplan. Peter, 5, a terrier mix, and Appa, 3, a husky and shepherd mix, join Persians Kiyomi and Schmoopy doopers.

Yee haw! Beau, 15, a Havanese, sports his Montana cowboy hat and recently celebrated his birthday with some of his furry neighbors, Adrienne and Stephen Cole of Windsor Square tell us.

Elvis is the king of Bronson Avenue, Linda Sunshine of North Bronson Avenue tells us. “Elvis was born in a ditch behind the Home Depot near Lancaster. The rescue lady told me he was a Chihuahua and wouldn’t be more than 12 pounds. Ha!
“Turns out he is a pit bull / German shepherd mix and now tips the scales at 58 pounds. His friends at Peet’s call him the biggest Chihuahua in Larchmont.”

Elsie, a “purebred poodle and half everything else” lives with the Siegel family near Beachwood Drive and Beverly Boulevard. “We rescued her when she was 10. She’s almost 11! She loves to snuggle and play with her favorite toy, mousie. Elsie is a fierce protector but absolutely loves belly rubs,” Danielle tells us.

Prince Albert, aka Albie, lives royally on South Lucerne Boulevard with Judy Zeller.

“Kodak loves to wear daddy’s hat — especially while watching movies on TV,” say Crescenzo Notarile and Carolyn Trampf. Kodak adds, “Mommy takes me on long walks around Larchmont, so I can see all my many friends… Then we go to Tail Waggers for a treat — my favorite shop on the strip.”

Kashi, a 4-month-old toy golden doodle, lives on Sycamore Avenue. “But we consider Larchmont Village our neighborhood! You’ll find us there often eating at Burger Lounge and Larchmont Wine and Cheese and shopping!” Jessica Replansky and her three sons tell us.

Kathleen Losey’s standard poodle, Francis, and Kramer the Pomeranian join her at home in Windsor Square, where she’s lived 53 years.

Oscar and Emmet are cairn terriers and Franklin is a Biewer terrier. “They’re all happily settled in Hancock Park,” Peter Golden tells us.

Lady Violet is a blue classic torbie with white Maine coon.  “Her favorite activities include balancing on the banister, exploring high places and splashing in any water she can find. Lady Violet is a character!” the Dalton Family,
Fremont Place, tell us.

“Meet one of my wonderful Tonkinese babies, Lavender,” says Joan Kors of Hancock Park.

“My hamster, Snowball, is cute, furry, energetic and lovable,” Ayin Im tells us. “She was adopted by us last November and even though she is small, she eats a lot and moves very fast. One thing special about her is her amazing power to devour vegetables. She loves any type of fruit, vegetable and more. Her top three favorite foods are: broccoli, apples and cucumbers. She just loves those! I have a picture of her eating broccoli which was so cute! She is one special dish!”

Stella, a border collie on Plymouth Boulevard, “is my son Jake’s dog,” says Iris Petersen. “But I love her so she’s half mine.”
“Jake got Stella in his senior year at University of Michigan,” she adds. “She was the last one in the litter and Jake rescued her. We flew her back to Los Angeles after he graduated.”

Stella and Stanley enjoy life on Beachwood Drive with Melanie and Ron Mulligan.

Franklyn and Eleanor

Franklyn and Eleanor enjoy pasta dinners at the Mary Samuelson and Louis Fantasia home in Windsor Square.

Wilbur lives on North Rossmore with Kim Lemon and Mike Levine.

Our golden gang is Willet, 5, and Orbie, 2, Gabriela Lopez and Tyler Stahl of N. Arden Boulevard, tell us.

Gussie, a 16 1/2 year old pug mix, lives with Judianne and Ken Jaffe and four cats on June Street. “Gussie was rescued from the East LA City Shelter when she was 4. She used to have a black face!  She is a precious little sweet heart!” Judianne says.

Rosie, 11, loves her Larchmont Boulevard walks, says Susan Gilig of Beachwood Drive.

Byrdie lives on Lorraine Boulevard with Serena Duff.

“Our cat Gabby passed away in March. She was an outstanding kitty. We took her off the street and enjoyed 11 great years with her,” Annissa Lui and Joshua Tompkins of North Gower tell us.

Betty and Jackson have a cozy life on Citrus Avenue with “mom” Cynthia Markus.

Ethel-Mae loves her walks around the neighborhood and to Larchmont Village.
Honey Dew and Rose Dolly enjoy the good life on South Gramercy Drive with Jonathan Sheldon.

Sophie is living her best life at home and on Larchmont Boulevard, where she can be spotted daily, Susan Goodman tell us. “Sophie makes every day marvelous,” adds Goodman, who has lived on Plymouth Boulevard for 52 years.

LARGEMONT DOG CLUB, left to right: Saint Bernards Queenie, Huckleberry and Stanley, and Elvin, a mastiff. Not pictured: Toejam.

And last but certainly not least is the Largemont Dog Club. Its members are mostly Saint Bernard pups, such as Stanley, 1, and Elvin, a mastiff, looks forward to his first birthday. They meet weekly to bark, cavort and more or less soak one another in drool in a local backyard and on outings to Larchmont, K.T. Wiegman of Larchmont Village tells us.

And there you have them — this year’s adorable, interesting and always fun local pack!

Photos of all pets are featured in the print edition of the July issue of the Larchmont Chronicle.

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