Summer fun and ‘mischief’

| June 27, 2019 | 0 Comments
John H. Welborne

There are two themes for this July issue of the Larchmont Chronicle — “Summer Fun” and “Pets of Larchmont.” You can read about the former in this Section One and the latter in Section Two.

There is another aspect to summer 2019 activities that is addressed in Section Two (our Real Estate section), and that relates to activities better called “Summer Mischief” or, most accurately, “Summer Mischief from Sacramento.”

Certain members of the State Legislature, notably state senators from San Francisco and Berkeley, are trying to dictate the local look of all cities in California. They are trying to wrest local planning and zoning oversight from the governments closest to the governed, in our case the Los Angeles City Council.

New housing actually is getting built in our city. (Just look around.) And, yes, not enough of it is “affordable” housing. But the diktats proposed by Sacramento won’t cure that. The proposed legislation (sponsored by real estate developers and their allies) is to give those sponsors the maximum leeway in building lucrative, expensive new housing wherever they wish.

Not a good state (pun intended). This affects the value of our communities and your home. Read more in the special “Real Estate Opinion” (Pages 13 and 14 in this month’s Section Two).


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