Starry night for ‘Face Forward’; sneak peak of TV costume design

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AT ‘FACE FORWARD’ Kela Brousard and Ryan Kirk.

AT FASHION INSTITUTE, Mary Woodward, David Watson.

MORE AT FIDM were Kevin Jones and Barbara Bundy.

SALUTE TO summer hosted by Irena and Jim Gibbons.

The last weekend of July was a happy frenzy of style and music and starry nights. The fabulocity began on July 26 at the oh so  chi chi retro 20th century Italian modern Unici Casa on Jefferson Blvd. A kick-off party for the annual gala to benefit Face Forward, at the  Regent Beverly Wilshire on Sept. 25.

Gala committee members, and other gods and goddesses, sipped champagne and munched on fresh shrimp and bruschetta topped with roast beef.

Then they settled into club chairs and peered up at the skyway catwalk where tenor George Komsky sang arias old and new.  Cheering for Face Forward founders, plastic surgeon David Alessi and CEO of Alessi  Skincare; more were Deborah Alessi, Kela Brousard and Ryan Kirk, jewelry designer Lera Lee, Nicole Goesseringer and Jonny Muj,  Lauren Conrad and Charlotte Ross. The festivities whipped up much enthusiasm for this organization that provides pro bono facial reconstructive surgery for women and children who have been victims of  domestic or gang violence.

* * *

And speaking of nights divine, on July 28, everyone from dilettantes to debutantes descended on the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising for the sixth annual exhibition of the outstanding art of television costume design.  Close to 600 guests got a lucky first sneak peak at 75 costumes selected from a variety of  television genres, episodic series, movies and mini-series.

The magnificent display included Emmy-nominated collections from “Boardwalk Empire” (designers John Dunn and Lisa Padovani), “Hemingway & Gelhorn,” (designer Ruth Myers) and “Once Upon A Time” (Eduardo Castro).
The exhibit was again curated and organized by Mary Rose, president of the Costume Designers Guild. “You should see the lining of this vest,” she said excitedly, pointing to a piece from ‘Game Of Thrones.’ It is completely hand sewn and painted, but, of course, we had to display it on the correct side.”

There to party and try to guess just who will win the Emmy out of a dazzling array of collections, (I think the consensus was ALL of them) were Mary Woodward and David Watson, Barbie co-creator James Holmes, costume historians Kevin Jones and Cristina Johnson, Carlos Vasquez, Mathew Hancock, and FIDM Museum director Barbara Bundy.

The exhibit is free and open to the public through Sat., Oct. 20. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

* * *
Irena and Jim Gibbons hosted a gathering of Windsor Square neighbors and friends at an exquisite cocktail supper in the garden of their Lucerne Blvd. home.

Savoring the sumptuous buffet and the soft summer evening were:  Suz and Peter Landay,  Lars and Estelita Roos,  Rafael de Marchena-Huyke,  Wilhelmina  Diener,   and Margareta  Svensson  and Katya and Gil Seaton.
And that’s the chat.

By Patty Hill


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