Editorial: Some in Sacramento still want to dictate to us

| August 1, 2019 | 0 Comments

John H. Welborne is the publisher and editor of the Larchmont Chronicle.

Despite the California legislature being on a one-month vacation through the middle of August, it is likely that there are staff members answering the telephones in state legislators’ local offices. Indeed, our State Assembly Members and State Senators might even be in their local offices for the next couple of weeks.

  As noted in the “correction” in the box at lower right, there was a typo in the special real estate opinion pages in last month’s issue of the Larchmont Chronicle. The correct local telephone contact numbers for your state representatives are included in the correction. Should you wish to communicate your opinion about maintaining local city (not Sacramento) control of land use and construction rules immediately surrounding your residence, these are the people to call.

 Senate Bills 50, 330, 592 and other state bills seek to dictate Sacramento’s one-size-fits all view of what should be built immediately adjacent to residences in Los Angeles. These bills are still undergoing legislative review, and they likely will be debated again beginning in mid-August.

  One local resident, a former Larchmont Chronicle columnist, wrote about all this last month in “CityWatch:” tinyurl.com/y5bt7xen. Also, an interesting recent article, with pro- and con- comments worth reading, is at: tinyurl.com/y36uxy3e

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