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Joanna Rachins

Joanna Rachins

Beyond the mere window dressing afforded by lifts, tucks and injection, science is beginning to reveal the foundations of the aging process. We know the hazards of inflammation caused by alcohol, sun, sugar, and stress. It breaks down tissue and wrecks havoc in our bodies, causing cancer and, well yes, even wrinkles.  But even if we cut out all of our vices, how could we possibly reduce our stress?

This is just what Joanna Rachins explores through her series of Health & Wellness lectures at The Ebell of Los Angeles, Tues., Jan. 21 at 7:30 p.m. guiding participants through an exploration of true agelessness.  The monthly lecture series features experts in both traditional and non-traditional health fields.  Joanna empowers participants to explore new ways to take responsibility for their own health, challenging them to reverse the normal degenerative process and to lead fuller, richer lives.

A Windsor Square resident, she credits 47 years of daily meditation practice with her metamorphosis from a melancholy child and a depressed young woman into a vibrant wife and mother capable of self-respect and self-love.

Joanna’s early life in New York City was an unhappy one.  In particular, her challenging relationship with her mother left her empty and ill-prepared to form loving and meaningful relationships. After moving to Los Angeles to pursue acting, Joanna was introduced to transcendental meditation.   She quickly became a dedicated practitioner, and her daily practice became an important vehicle for self-discovery and healing.

After nearly 10 years of self-guided meditation, Joanna, ready to deepen her practice met yogi Swami Muktananda who introduced her to Siddha Yoga meditation. She likens the experience to teaching yourself to play tennis and then finding an amazing coach who takes your play to a whole new level.

Joanna credits meditation with cultivating her sense of compassion, both toward herself and toward others, and allowing her to heal the wounds of the past. She reminds us, that even if we are materially rich, life can still be challenging. But, whatever our circumstances, our ability to foster love and respect brings out the best in ourselves and in those we love.

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