Sacramento … oh what a town!

| July 29, 2020 | 0 Comments

John H. Welborne is the publisher and editor of the Larchmont Chronicle.

In the past five decades that I remember well, it never seemed that we Angelenos had to focus so much of our attention on the State Legislature in Sacramento. However, a majority of the current occupants of those offices seem to have decided that their role is to dictate every detail of the lives of Californians, including those of us in Mid-Wilshire Los Angeles.

In Section 2 of this month’s paper, in the “On Preservation” column, you again will read about bad housing bills being pushed through the Legislature by luxury real estate developers and building contractors. Speak up now, or you soon may find six- and 10-unit condos or multiple small houses being built on the formerly single-family lot next door to your home. And those won’t be the needed “affordable” housing units; luxury housing is what these bad bills promote.

Another area where actions of Sacramento legislators can have a negative, or positive, local impact is on the delivery of local news to you. The Legislature must add newspapers to the exemptions in Assembly Bill 1850 (Gonzalez). Please urge our local state legislators to save community journalism by amending and enacting AB 1850 to continue the exemption for news carriers. See the public service ad on page 27 of this issue, and learn more at

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