Redistricting efforts, both city and state, moving toward a close

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PROPOSED NEW COUNCIL DISTRICTS split Greater Wilshire neighborhoods.

As noted elsewhere in this issue, this area’s two City Council districts will look different starting in 2022.

In the past, the distribution area of the Larchmont Chronicle has has been primarily in Council Districts 4 and 5. Although the areas receiving the paper will not change, the city’s council district numbers associated with this geography will change.

EXISTING COUNCIL DISTRICTS map shows portions of CDs 4, 5, 10 and 13.en primarily in Council Districts 4 and 5.

After more than 70 years, Council District 4 is no more (at least, in these parts of town). Our local portions of the former CD 4 will become the most eastern part of CD 5 and the southernmost part of CD 13.

The proposed changes are pending final approval by the City Council of the overall new map of the city’s 15 City Council districts, an approval expected after the December Chronicle goes to press.

If the draft maps shown here are approved, CD 5 will include the following Greater Wilshire areas that previously were in CD 4: Hancock Park, La Brea Hancock, Sycamore Square and Brookside, plus an eastern expansion between Wilshire and Olympic boulevards containing Fremont Place, Windsor Village, Wilshire Park and Country Club Heights.

CD 5 also picks up Miracle Mile, Park La Brea, the Original Farmers Market and areas east of Park La Brea and south of Third Street. The new Fifth District will extend west to Westwood and Bel Air.

The following parts of Greater Wilshire will now become the southern end of CD 13, essentially the “Hollywood” district of Los Angeles: Windsor Square, Larchmont Village, We-Wil, Ridgewood-Wilton, St. Andrews Square, and the Oakwood / Maplewood / St. Andrews neighborhood.

Initially, the City Council Redistricting Commission listened to the entreaties of residents of Greater Wilshire. The Commission recommended that almost all of the neighborhood council communities of interest be united in one district — CD 5. However, an Ad Hoc Committee of seven members of the Los Angeles City Council subsequently rejected the Commission recommendation and proceeded to split up Greater Wilshire as described above and as shown in the accompanying map.

State redistricting

Unlike with the city, Greater Wilshire residents’ requests to the truly independent state commission — that deals with Congressional, State Senate and Assembly districts — were heeded. The draft maps released last month by the 2020 California Citizens Redistricting Commission keep Greater Wilshire united.

In the proposed new Assembly District (“North of 10”), Greater Wilshire is together with the other northern portions of that new district.

For the State Senate District (“NELA – Northeast LA”), Greater Wilshire is at the western edge, along with Hollywood and West Hollywood.

STATE MAPS show proposed new Assembly, State Senate and Congressional districts. The shaded area is the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council, and the star is set at approximately Larchmont and Beverly boulevards.

For Congress, the Commission’s map is named “10 CORR” – or “10 Corridor”), and Greater Wilshire is the northernmost part of the district, north of the 10 freeway.

By the beginning of 2022, the final boundaries should be known.

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