Progress becomes visible at LACMA

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RISING ABOVE RAY’S AND STARK BAR is the western end of LACMA’s new David Geffen Galleries building.

Viewed from the west, from the Zev Yaroslavsky Plaza or the decomposed granite field surrounding Michael Heizer’s giant rock, “Levitated Mass,” the western end of the new David Geffen Galleries building is emerging from its cocoon of steel scaffolding — hovering like a giant wing over the existing Ray’s and Stark Bar.

The finished ceiling and floor of this end of the galleries level is visible — looking not unlike a butterfly wing extended from a cocoon. Finishing work on the poured concrete surfaces, as well as the installation of the tall glass walls that wrap the perimeter of the entire building, is yet to come. The metamorphosis will continue around the building as the roof of the 347,500-square-foot structure is completed, with construction steadily moving east and across Wilshire Boulevard.

LACMA west end roof was almost done in this photo, with scaffolding soon to be removed, as partially shown above.

Behind the construction fences at ground level, the portions of the building that will house vertical transportation (stairways and elevators), the new restaurant, educational facilities, the new LACMA Store and more are similarly being freed from the scaffolding utilized for the construction of formwork to hold the poured concrete of which the Peter Zumthor-designed building is composed.

Museum officials say construction still is expected to be completed by the end of 2024. Learn more at:

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