Portraits of shelter, rescue dogs paint a bright future

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AT HOME in Hancock Park.

AT HOME in Hancock Park, above and below.

Photographer Mandy Schoch’s portraits of rescue dogs are more than just pretty faces.

She started the volunteer effort after seeing dismal photos of dogs in a South Carolina pound held up by the neck with a leash, standing forlorn in a cage, basically looking miserable.

“This is crazy,” thought the former New York fashion photographer.

She carried a backdrop into the shelter, and, with her Canon digital camera, snapped several furry mixes with eyes alert, standing proud. She posted the images on Facebook and Twitter to rave reviews.

The photos generated a near traffic jam with likes and shares, and, the best part, “a lot of a

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doptions,” says Mandy, who recently relocated to Las Palmas Ave.

These days she photographs rescue dogs at the Amanda Foundation in Beverly Hills, such as Charlie—a black terrier mix with a questioning face, Irish wolfhound mix Aston lounging on a sofa, and a pair of puppies cuddled on a cozy blanket. Schoch studied photojournalism at the University of North Carolina.

She also spent five years in Spain on a goat farm, where she perfected her photo techniques with animals.

Besides her work with rescue dogs, she takes photos of pets at home and arranges pop-up studios for block parties and other events.



Visit schochphoto.com.

PUPPY got a home via Facebook.

PUPPY got a home via Facebook.

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