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LEEDO is exceptional, says Beth Correll, Rimpau Blvd.

Rich Correll was jogging when he spotted Leedo on a Sunday on Larchmont Blvd. at “Open Your Heart Pet Rescue.”

The next three weeks during the TV director’s runs he saw other puppies being adopted, but the 12-week old pup with a cleft plate stayed behind. People donated money in a jar set on a crate to raise  money to fix his deformity but no one would adopt the mixed breed.

That third Sunday Rich came home and told his wife Beth, and, being an animal lover, they went to get him.

“We’ve been told by veterinarians that we could fix the issue if we want, but, as my husband puts it, ‘he’s not trying to win a beauty contest,’ so there’s no reason to pursue it.

“I’ve had many dogs over the years but Leedo is exceptional. He’s ridiculously well-behaved and was easy to train. Sometimes I feel as if rescues really are thankful and want you to know it,” says Beth, who also works in television.

Scroll through our Photo Gallery below to see more pet photos


  • Dougal Dougal DOUGAL. Leah and Matt Purse, Rossmore Ave.
  • Leedo Leedo LEEDO is exceptional, says Beth Correll, Rimpau Blvd.
  • Shylo Shylo SHYLO, a Boston terrier. Eugene Ahtirski, Larchmont Blvd.
  • Murphy Murphy MURPHY. Barbara Pflaumer, Norton Ave.
  • Zoey T Baker Zoey T Baker BELOVED Bichon Frise Zoey "T" Baker, the Baker family—Jan (Blacher), Bruce, Alex, and Spencer, Plymouth Blvd.
  • Bunky Bunky BUNKY, a wire-haired fox terrier and regular on Larchmont Blvd. Michael Soriano, La Vista Court.
  • Ginger Einstein Ginger Einstein GINGER taking a cat nap. Dan and Marsha Einstein, Norton Ave.
  • Buster & Bella Buster & Bella BUSTER & BELLA chilling on a summer day. Mary Deles.
  • Max Max MAX. Kaufer family, Arden Blvd.
  • Marvel Marvel MARVEL relaxing in the bathroom sink. Sabrina Miller, Rossmore Ave.
  • Coco Bean Coco Bean COCO BEAN. Roni Carter, Beverly Blvd.
  • Tigre Tigre TIGRE. Dan Lavery, Rossmore Ave.
  • Sam Sam SAM. Nancy Hooker, Windsor Blvd.
  • Missy Missy MISSY. Damain, El Centro
  • Cody Cody CODY. Ronald Alix, Gower Street
  • Hector Hector RAE MANCUSO with his whippet Hector on the corner of Irving and Rosewood












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