Papa Ben’s mandelbroyt evokes memories

| August 3, 2012 | 0 Comments

By Ali Shadle

Guest columnist

“My dad had this way of tossing flour, and it always amazed me, to watch him throw the flour and knead the dough,” Gail Lesser-Gerber’s voice trails off.

The Miracle Mile resident and president of Papa Ben’s Kitchen re-counts the memory of her father baking in the kitchen, “He wouldn’t make it very often, every once in awhile, when he needed a connection to the family lost in the Holocaust.”

IN THE KITCHEN are Gail Lesser-Gerber and daughter Jenica.

Her father, “Papa” Ben Lesser, rediscovered his long lost passion for baking at the request of his grandchildren. Sharing the memories of his childhood, including the family recipes, he was able to heal the wounds of his past, bring hope into the future, and keep the family traditions alive.

Papa Ben’s Kitchen makes sweet, crispy twice-baked mandelbroyt (Yiddish for almond bread), as the Eastern European cousin to the biscotti is traditionally called.

The brand offers an Original Family Recipe as well as four flavors to tantalize every palate.

“Papa Ben’s Kitchen has become a family project that I hope can continue for future generations,” says Lesser-Gerber.

Her daughter Jenica is marketing director and husband Michael is the official tester.

A portion of Papa Ben’s Kitchen profits go to the Zachor Holocaust Remembrance Foundation—an organization birthed at the Lesser family’s kitchen table—that supports Holocaust education, remembrance and tolerance for all people. Visit Mandelbroyt, go to

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