Oh say can you see: ‘National Anthem Girl’ aims to perform patriotic tune in all 50 states

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"NATIONAL ANTHEM GIRL" Janine Stange crossed New York off her list after a performance at Madison Square Garden.

“NATIONAL ANTHEM GIRL” Janine Stange crossed New York off her list after a performance at Madison Square Garden.

Janine Stange performed throughout her time as a student at St. Joseph’s College in Patchogue, N.Y., and since then, has released two albums. But singing the national anthem—the first song she sang publicly—is what has given her the greatest joy. “It’s just something I’ve always done ever since high school,” said the Long Island native who now resides in Hancock Park.

And she’s had plenty of experience at it. In addition to being the national anthem singer for the N.Y. Titans of the National LaCrosse League and the Long Island Lizards of Major League Lacrosse, she had sung the song in front of crowds at MetLife Stadium, Nassau Coliseum and the Staples Center.  “I come from a patriotic family, and I always felt like it was a powerful song,” said the 30-something Stange.

Her passion for the anthem, and her desire to create a dialogue about patriotism, are what led to her goal of singing the tune in all 50 states. “The idea really started when people would come up to me after I sang and tell me about someone in their family who had been deployed, or vets would come up and say ‘thanks,'” she said. “To me that right there is better than winning the lottery and is what life’s all about.”

As Stange continued to sing and had opportunities to meet real American heroes, she began to feel it was something she had to do. “Those of us who haven’t served in the Armed Forces can only imagine what a soldier goes through. I count it as an honor to sing this song… it never gets old to me.” Her hope is that people begin to look at the national anthem not as a formality,  “but as a 90 second space of time to recognize the sacrifices others have made.”

Stange owns a printing company, which has paid the travel expenses to the 16 states she’s covered so far, and she’s recently been in contact with potential sponsors for the remaining 34. To learn more, go to www.nationalanthemgirl.org.


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