Number of teens with summer jobs increases in 2022

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PUPPY TRAINER Lior Ronen works with a dog in her neighborhood.

What started as training her family friend’s dog became a summer job and a hobby for Lior Ronen, a junior at Marlborough School. Inspired by her love for dogs, Ronen began to train puppies during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, because of her busy schedule upon returning to school inperson for the 2021-2022 school year, Ronen had to put her business on hold until the summer when she would have more free time. Through her summer job, Ronen has had the opportunity to learn how to run her own business and how to manage a social media account to reach the most people. Ronen currently offers hour-long sessions and works with several dogs a week.

This summer, beach days and pool parties have been put on hold for the many teens who have elected to take on summer jobs. According to “The New York Times,” teens are being hired at a higher rate than they have been in 15 years. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an increasing demand for employees, allowing teens to have a variety of jobs from which to pick, and they are receiving higher pay than in prior years.

Summer Camp

Angelina Bland, a junior at Marlborough and a Larchmont resident, will be working at Camp Mustang, the division of Marlborough Summer for students entering kindergarten and first grade. To secure a job as a counselor at Marlborough Summer, Bland participated in the competitive application process, for which she had to undergo an interview, obtain recommendation letters and create a resume. Last summer, Bland worked with elderly people, and now is excited to have a job where she will be working with children. Bland decided to take on a job this summer because she wanted to learn how to make and manage her own income, and she believes that working as a camp counselor will give her leadership qualities that will be useful in the future.


Frida Heim, a junior at Larchmont Charter School and Larchmont resident, works at Erin McKenna’s Bakery, a vegan and gluten-free bakery on Larchmont. Heim works as a cashier and often closes up the store, which includes tasks such as sweeping, mopping and setting

ERIN MCKENNA’S BAKERY employee Frida Heim poses at the store.

up the display cases. Although Heim greatly enjoys her job, she has faced several challenges, namely time management and communication. However, Heim explained that one benefit of having a summer job is getting the opportunity to learn these skills earlier on. In addition, Heim has also gained skills in customer service that she believes will benefit her in the future.

Brand Ambassador

Lastly, Kayla Wolovitch, a junior at Larchmont Charter, is spending her summer as a brand ambassador for Salivation Snacks, a locally-owned, keto-friendly company. As a brand ambassador, Wolovitch goes to different grocery stores and sets up tables, cuts up samples and talks to people about the products. From her job, Wolovitch has gained experience in customer service and has learned how to sell a product. Wolovitch believes having a job is good practice for adulthood.

As summer 2022 begins, it is evident that many teens in the Larchmont area are taking on jobs. Generally, teens are excited about getting to have their own source of income and having the opportunity to learn new skills at their jobs. Additionally, the opportunity to put a summer job on a college or future job application is especially motivating for teens.

By Abigail Kestenbaum

Abigail Kestenbaum is a junior at Marlborough and an intern at the Larchmont Chronicle.

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