New parkway trees planted thanks to resident volunteers

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PARKWAY trees being planted May 22 on Clinton Street.

The Larchmont Trees Project was busy last month getting 16 new parkway trees planted in the neighborhood.

Larchmont resident Haines Wilkerson, the group’s coordinator, told the Chronicle that, during the pandemic, he had the necessary free time to reorganize the group of volunteers: “We got the band back together again!”

Months of planning came to fruition on May 22 when a truck full of trees arrived, ready to plant in the parkways along Lucerne, Rosewood and Clinton in the Larchmont Heights neighborhood.

The Larchmont Trees Project, first started in 2001, works to fill treeless parkways, with help from LA City Plants and the Los Angeles Beautification Team.

TREES being planted in Larchmont.

“We believe that the magic-in-the-street happens when the street is lined on both sides with consistent tree types,” said Wilkerson.

As an example of his group’s success over the years, Wilkerson points to the 600 block of N. Lucerne Blvd., which at one point was nearly treeless: “It was a concrete expanse, desolate and barren, with the Hollywood sign behind it, but now the block is green and gorgeous,” he explains.

The Larchmont Trees Project is only possible with the support of resident volunteers, who seek out homeowners missing trees in their parkways to convince them of the many benefits that come with a lush canopy.

NOTES accompany the new Larchmont parkway trees.

“Volunteers and block captains are the essential ingredient to the project,” said Wilkerson, who explained that identifying a location for the trees is the easy part; getting in touch with the homeowner is the hard part. “People no longer answer their doors, so it’s hard to make contact. That’s why volunteer block captains are essential because they often have existing relationships with neighbors.”

Once a signature of approval is obtained from the homeowner, the project coordinates the rest. LA City Plants provides the grants, which means that the trees are free for homeowners, and Los Angeles Beautification provides the landscaping manpower.

“It’s nice to walk the dog and see the new trees planted,” Wilkerson reflects.

If you would like to get involved with the group, contact Larchmont Trees Project on Facebook.

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