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In the April issue of the Larchmont Chronicle, we shared reactions from readers to the very preliminary ideas about a possible “Larchmont Central Park(let)” that were presented in the March issue (

POSSIBLE Larchmont Central Park(let) as seen in an aerial concept drawing.

These are ideas being considered by neighbors and the board of directors of the Larchmont Boulevard Association (LBA). The ideas were expressed in concept drawings prepared for the LBA by Jeffrey Smith and his team at JMS Design Associates.

The LBA seeks to stimulate public discussion of the parklet concept and possible preliminary design approaches that might be used.

WOOD PARKLET idea from London, England, shared by Paul Nankivell. Photo courtesy of Meristem Design

An additional response came from Larchmont Village Neighborhood resident Paul Nankivell, who wrote, in part:

“Saw the article about the potential for parklets in the middle of Larchmont and couldn’t be more excited.  … I’ve had lots of ideas and hopes for the future of Larchmont, specifically regarding placemaking, parklets and community.  One thing I’d like to suggest about parklet furniture is to please consider different forms of wood parklets.  I’ve attached examples [one, from London, is shown here], but two things that I think these do versus traditional tables and seats is that they provide more seating and easily integrate plants and other greenery into the build.”

PARKLET concept shown in a view from inside the city’s central surface parking lot. Renderings by JMS Design Associates

Discussing a possible Larchmont Central Park(let) will be a months- and years-long process, no doubt. The LBA continues to seek community feedback, positive or negative. Please share thoughts with the chair of the LBA’s Beautification Committee, Romi Cortier, at:

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