Metro to start jet grouting on Wilshire Blvd.

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Purple LineWe neighbors east of the under-construction Metro Purple Line subway station at Wilshire and La Brea may have thought we would not be seeing disruption on our parts of Wilshire Blvd. If we did think that, we were wrong!

We’ll soon see “jet grouting” in the middle of Wilshire Blvd. in many blocks between La Brea and Western. The jet grouting also will continue west to La Cienega. When the work is underway, traffic on Wilshire will be reduced to two lanes in each direction—the curbside Rapid Bus lane and an inside lane. The center of the street will have barricades.

Inside the barricades will be vertical drilling rigs, truck access, cement silos, pumps and generators, all to be used to provide high pressure air for injecting grout (essentially, a fluid form of concrete used to fill gaps) into holes drilled deep into the soil to create soil-and-concrete blocks.

Strengthening the soil with concrete in these locations provides additional support for subsequent subterranean excavation of cross-passages to connect twin subway tunnels.

Therefore, if you live or travel near the following parts of Wilshire Blvd., be prepared for six-week interruptions over the next year, beginning in June. Metro officials say no more than two jet-grouting operations will be underway at one time. The following is the likely order of work, with the work that starts in June being adjacent to Windsor Square, Windsor Village and Fremont Place—on Wilshire between:

– Rossmore and Arden and

– Arden and Lucerne

Thereafter, the work will continue on Wilshire between:

– Citrus and Mansfield

– Highland and McCadden

– Cochran and Cloverdale

– Plymouth and Windsor

– Norton and Bronson

– St Andrews and Gramercy

– Crenshaw and Lorraine

– Wilton and Van Ness

– La Jolla and Sweetzer

– Crescent Hgts. and La Jolla

– Burnside and Dunsmuir

– Spaulding and Ogden

– Fairfax and Crescent Hgts.

For further information, attend the next Metro Construction Community Meeting on Thurs., May 19 at 6:30 p.m. at John Burroughs Middle School, 600 S. McCadden Pl.

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