Metro is decking as Purple Line extends on Wilshire

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Wilshire Blvd. excavation and street decking work between La Brea Ave. and Detroit St. on the first of 22 weekends.

Wilshire Blvd. excavation and street decking work between La Brea Ave. and Detroit St. on the first of 22 weekends.

Decking for the Wilshire / La Brea Purple Line station has been underway since June. Of the scheduled 22 weekends of street closures, 16 weekends remain. There will be no work over Labor Day weekend.

At a project update meeting held on July 21 at the Petersen Automotive Museum, Metro officials and contractor representatives described work underway at three stations.

The officials explained to the approximately 45 people in the audience that the La Brea station’s Phase 1 decking work is complete and that Phase 2 construction should be complete by the beginning of this month.

Over coming weekends, Wilshire Blvd. will be closed, and there will be traffic detours around the work zones. Complete detour maps remain posted in the upper-right corner of the home page or click here.

Jet grouting to start

This month will see the commencement of “jet grouting,” the process of strengthening soil underground to support future tunneling and excavation of cross-passages between the tunnels. The work will take place at sites in the center of Wilshire Blvd. and will last for about six weeks at each site. The first three locations are Wilshire . . . between Rossmore and Arden; between Arden and Lucerne; and between Citrus and Mansfield.

Wilshire / Fairfax

Metro’s contractor is beginning the piling installation phase of the Wilshire / Fairfax station construction in August. Wilshire Blvd. between Ogden Dr. and Orange Grove Ave. has been reduced to two lanes in each direction. This lane reduction will last until next year. In the Ogden staging yard for the Wilshire / Fairfax station, sound walls are being installed. They are 24 feet high facing the residential side of the property and 20 feet high facing the commercial side. To ensure that the work is as quiet as possible, loud equipment like generators is being covered by sound blankets.

Wilshire / La Cienega

The Wilshire / La Cienega station area will see more work underway in September. Demolitions there were scheduled for earlier; however, officials said they are delayed due to bird nesting season.

Purple Line Extension project update meetings are held every other month and are open to the public.

The next meeting is Sep. 15 at Cathedral Chapel School. For more information visit:


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