Meeting challenges of staying home

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PAINTED EGG artworks decorate windows in local homes.

A blog message went out to neighbors early last month: “I would love to invite any and all inclined neighbors to post drawings of Easter eggs on their windows, for the neighborhood kids to spot and ‘hunt’ while on their walks in the coming days!”

COLORFUL drawings greet children on their daily walks.

Among the nearly 40 resulting blog comments were: “Such a great idea! Will do.” “Our decorations are up.” “My kids are doing it today.” “Love this idea! Ours will be up on Westminster!” “I saw bunnies on S. Norton!”

The colorful drawings also appeared on windows in Brookside and many other local neighborhoods, adding a bit of brightness and adventure to help families, especially children, get through the challenges of staying at home.

Community, together

Local people are meeting the common challenges that we face as a community. (Com = “with,” “together,” from Latin.) Neighbors work with compatriots to comfort one another, to commiserate with compassion with seniors alone or with companions, to communicate through gestures like children’s drawings in windows, and to use comedy to help maintain our composure when we otherwise might be miserable or just complacent.

Government leaders and commissions command and compel commitments from private companies that now are combining their resources to find solutions to the complex scientific questions that comprise the challenges facing the country and the world. Commerce is complicated for local retail shop owners, but loyal customers find ways to help.

In normal times, we gather and communicate in person; but, now, we avoid contact to prevent transmission of a highly communicable disease with many components that doctors still seek to comprehend. Complacency does not serve us; vigilance does.

All of us must continue to help combat the coronavirus. We are succeeding. We just have to stay committed to working — together — for the common good.

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