Meet some of our very best neighborhood furry friends

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OZZY loves the Chronicle, says Jennifer Dorn of Lucerne Blvd.

Charming to sublime describes the four-legged entries in our annual Pets of Larchmont section.

Snaggle-toothed rescue Leedo was adopted eight years ago on Larchmont Boulevard when he was just a wee 12-week-old puppy, Beth Correll told us.

Shoe-sized Bruno is just beginning his dog years, and Kramer, a Pomeranian, might look delicate, but he is hard at work at Childrens Hospital, where he is a Pet Partner. “He is amazingly sweet when visiting the kids and everyone loves him including the staff of nurses and doctors,” said Kathleen Losey, S. Norton Ave.

Rescued from the streets of Compton, Cricket is all bark and no bite (literally—she has no teeth), says Alice Fox, N. Larchmont Blvd. “Lover of small children, treats, walks and cuddles; she despises tall handsome men with beards. Despite a remarkably small head (and, by proxy, brain) she will remember you loyally forever if you feed her treats,” Fox adds.

OLIVE strikes a pensive pose. She lives on N. Norton Ave. with Paul Hoen and family.

TUCKER enjoys the good life on N. St. Andrews Pl. with Lori Elmelund.

LEEDO was adopted eight years ago on Larchmont, say Rich and Beth Correll, Rimpau Blvd.

WINSTON lives on N. Las Palmas with Charlie Morrison.

ISABELLA AND FERDINAND lounge at S. Windsor Blvd. with Carl Buchberg and Elena Muravina. While Isabella sports a long mane, both are Alsatian spaniels.

EGGY, a French bulldog, is the chief “barketing” officer at The Hatchery, says Talia Bolnick, Hancock Park.

BUSTER & BELLA enjoy life at Manhattan Place with Art and Mary Fruchte.

MITZI, a schnauzer, lives with Brian and Stephanie Morehouse on S. Bronson Ave.

FLITTLE (left), JAMMER (above) and SCOUT (head peeking through fence) keep the Woolvertons busy on S. Lucerne Blvd.

CRICKET, aka “The Black Beast of Larchmont,” and Alice Fox live on N. Larchmont.

BRUNO, here at eight weeks old, resides on S. Norton with Olivia Goodman.

HARRISON FORD at home with Mary Pickhardt and Mimi Newman in Windsor Square.

KOBE, a fluffy corgi, is loved by the Guerra famiy, Fourth Ave.

FRANKIE hails from Rossmore Ave., where he shares his pad with Aya Tanimuru.

SOPHIE, a 10-year old red dapple long-haired dachshund and service animal, relaxes in her favorite store, Landis Gifts and Stationery on Larchmont, where she moonlights as their mascot. Sophie lives with Susie Goodman on Plymouth Boulevard.

CODY’S seventh birthday was out of this world, Adrian Alex, N. Gower St., told us.

KRAMER dressed for Christmas at Childrens Hospital.

FRANCIS, a standard poodle, and pal Kramer. “These two are quite a team,” says Kathleen Losey, S. Norton Ave. Kramer, a Pomeranian, is a Pet Partner at Childrens Hospital with Losey.

BEAU, a 10-year-old Havanese, doubles as a painting assistant for the Cole family — Adrienne and Stephen — on N. Beachwood Dr.

JACKSON lives in Brookside, but Larchmont is his favorite walk, say Michael Moore and Chad Rothman, S. Muirfield Rd.

SPARKY “getting ready” for the Brookside Block Party, with Nanci and Rich Leonard. “has attended nine block parties!” Nanci told us.

MÜTTI, a four-year old schnoodle (schnauzer-poodle mix) enjoys life on S. Irving with Mary Nichols.


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