Larchmont boys’ volleyball places second at FIYA championship

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This was the first year Larchmont Charter fielded a boys’ 7th and 8th grade volleyball team, and what an unexpected and astounding season the Timberwolves had.

PLAYERS (back row, left to right): Sebastian Purg, Devon Jasiukonis, Kyd Kalin, Coach Keith Harris, Noah Riddell, Ian Yoo, Miles Monsod (and front row, left to right): Luke Flexner, Joshua Jung, Theodore Little and Adan Escoto. Not pictured: Mykel Locke. 
Photo by Jay Jeehong Jung

For most of the boys, this was their first time playing volleyball. Just three had competed before, and one, Ian Yoo, broke his arm at the season’s start and never played again.

The Timberwolves ended the regular season 8-1 and finished first in the Marina League, which gave them a No. 1 seed in the 2023 Division 1 (for students in grades 8th and below) FIYA (Foundation for Interscholastic Youth Athletics) Tournament. They progressed to the title game during playoff week, and they were defeated on Finals Friday, June 2, by St. Mark’s, a team they had beaten during the regular season.

“This was truly a unified bunch, and, as a coach, I have never had a team like it before,” said Keith Harris. “This was a group where every member truly cared about the others.”

The team MVPs were Noah Riddell and Miles Monsod.

“Miles’ only experience was playing volleyball at recess and at a park, and he’d never played on a team before,” said Harris.

Noah Riddell was selected by the league coaches as Larchmont’s All-FIYA League Player.

The team graduates just three players, so they’ll be a force again next season. Noah Riddell returns, and so do Ian Yoo and setters Joshua Jung and Sebastian Pura.

Make some popcorn

If television just isn’t interesting and you’re into great sports comebacks filled with action, drama, team chemistry and players showing poise under pressure, go to YouTube and search “Larchmont vs St Marks May 19.” Make some popcorn. The game runs about an hour.

“This was the kind of team that just makes you a better person,” said Harris.

Congratulations, Timberwolves volleyball!


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