Larchmont Boulevard meets Larchmont, New York

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WITH THE CHRONICLE. Barbara Jebejian is pictured with her husband in front of a Larchmont, New York police car. She brought her own copy of the May edition of the Larchmont Chronicle with her to New York.

Barbara and Richard Jebejian found themselves in a place called Larchmont, yet they weren’t in Los Angeles. They reside near La Brea Avenue and Third Street and are usually shopping or dining on Larchmont Boulevard, Los Angeles.

But when visiting their son in New York this past spring, they realized there was a Larchmont only a few miles from where he lives. Drawn by curiosity, they had to go and pay Larchmont, New York, a visit.

“It was so quaint, and all the people were so neighborly. The only main difference was that it was cloudy,” said Barbara.

On the east and west coasts, the Larchmont streets both offer local retail and dining, and both are surrounded by older, upscale homes, though the houses in New York’s Larchmont all have their front doors individualized.

MAIN INTERSECTION. Boston Post Road intersects Larchmont Avenue at the most popular area of the district.

A big difference between the two communities is that Larchmont, New York, sits on Long Island Sound and has its own yacht club, harbor and access to the beach.

“I could definitely live there. The only thing I would need to know was where I could get a good kosher sandwich,” said Richard.

THE AVENUE. Larchmont Avenue, New York has a French bakery, several coffee shops, an ice cream parlor and, of course, many places to shop.

Jane Gilman
Little did the couple know that the co-founder of the Larchmont Chronicle, Jane Gilman, grew up in Rye, New York, only eight miles from Larchmont, New York.

LARCHMONT CREST. The Village of Larchmont in New York, founded in 1891, has a little more than 6,000 residents.

When Gilman first moved to the Larchmont area in Los Angeles, it reminded her of Rye in so many ways.

Once she found out that the area didn’t have a community newspaper, she embarked on the journey of founding the Larchmont Chronicle.

With her journalism experience from working at “Cosmopolitan” magazine in New York, she partnered with Dawne Goodwin, and they started gathering local news and advertisers. From Goodwin’s living room, they began the Chronicle in 1963.

LEDGER VERSUS CHRONICLE. Larchmont, New York has three local publications: Larchmont Ledger, Larchmont Loop and Mamaroneck Larchmont Daily Voice.

That year, the proposed Beverly Hills Freeway was threatening to run through Hancock Park, and this was the news that Gilman and Goodwin needed to get Larchmont’s attention. The first front page of the Chronicle featured this story and grabbed readers’ attention. That first issue helped the duo gain a loyal readership — a readership the Larchmont Chronicle has been proud to serve for 60 years, so far.

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