Larchmont 2021 Survey closed

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The Larchmont 2021 Survey closed Jan. 13 and its organizers say that they hope to soon start reviewing the survey’s findings.

“At this time we are getting ready to review the results that were received from 1,032 responders,” Larchmont 2021 committee member John Kaliski told us last month.

“There are lots of comments that need to be gone through.

“Patty [Lombard], Gary [Gilbert], Heather [Duffy Boylston] and I have not yet gotten together to figure out how we are going to do this,” said Kaliski on Jan. 19.

“I hope we can start this coming weekend,” he added.

As reported in the January issue of the Larchmont Chronicle, opinions of local residents are divided over the Larchmont 2021 group’s process to author and circulate its survey, which presented questions on complicated and sensitive issues such as land-use and alcohol-use permits. Critics worry that the survey will be used as the underpinning of future policy decisions without any significant outreach being made to the homeowners that surround the Larchmont Village shopping district.

“I am sure we will share the results with all and ask for your patience as we move forward,” concluded Kaliski.

SAMPLE QUESTION (one of 20) from Larchmont 2021 online survey.

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