Larchmont 2021 Survey results presented in Zoom forum April 14

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The Larchmont 2021 group presented its survey results and facilitated a community conversation during a Zoom meeting on April 14. The group is chaired by Patricia Lombard. The other three members are John Kaliski, Gary Gilbert and Heather Boylston. Their April 14 event ran for an hour and a half.

The survey had been conducted online between early December 2021 and January 13, 2022. Presenter Kaliski said the survey communicated four areas for possible improvement of the Boulevard: (1) street beautification, including “parklettes” (dining areas on the street), trees, sidewalks and trash; (2) the Qualified, or “Q,” Zoning Conditions for restaurants and retail businesses; (3) alcoholic beverage policies; and (4) street programming that would encourage gatherings.

THE LARCHMONT SURVEY ZOOM event was organized by Patricia Lombard, John Kaliski, Gary Gilbert and Heather Boylston.

Among the 1,024 responses, 52 percent stated that they visited Larchmont two to six times per week. Most of the respondents were 45 or older. There was no participation from people under 18. Fifty-five percent say they drive to Larchmont, while 42 percent walk.

The most popular reasons to visit Larchmont included “shopping daily needs” (33 percent), “take out and coffee” (26 percent), and “sit-down dining” (17 percent).

On the subject of street beautification, 41 percent supported the current number of parklettes, and 33 percent wanted more of them. Thirty-four percent indicated that sidewalks and trees were in need of attention. But trash was a minor issue.

In regard to sit-down restaurants, 41 percent of respondents were in favor of relaxing the zoning restrictions (Q Conditions) to attract more eateries. But when asked about the quantity of take-out restaurants, 53 percent indicated there was already the right number. Presenter Kaliski pointed out, “The trend toward stability on this one contrasts a little bit with the trend toward relaxation.” The Q Conditions, adopted in 1992, are city rules to protect the Boulevard as a neighborhood-serving retail district.

There was a lot of discussion about a possible grocery store, but not necessarily a modern supermarket. “I think people were talking about a small, gourmet-type market,” said landlord representative Heather Boylston. People who posted comments during the Zoom meeting expressed the need for a “bodega,” which refers to a small market.

Sixty-six percent of respondents were in favor of serving beer, wine and mixed drinks, while 30 percent wanted to allow beer and wine only. Jennifer DeVore mentioned a recent visit to Great White café, which does not serve cocktails. “I would personally be thrilled if they could serve cocktails,” she said.

The Larchmont 2021 group previously had stated in an early March presentation — to resident and merchant organizations immediately adjacent to the Boulevard — that the group was going to conclude its involvement and pass its research and conclusions to a broader-based set of neighborhood stakeholders, according to Windsor Square Association board member Jane Usher, who had attended the Larchmont 2021 group’s earlier presentation.

However, at the April 14 meeting, the Larchmont 2021 group said it intends to craft recommendations based on what it learned from the survey.

Early takeaways include the need for a grocery store or stores, street beautification, more trees and pedestrian amenities. Readers may visit for more information, and to view the recording of the full meeting.

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