Kick start the New Year with a boot camp workout

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INSTRUCTOR Marcella Kerwin (foreground) coaches local residents up a flight of stairs for class. Photo courtesy of BootcampLA

Boot camp-style fitness classes are an increasingly popular way to stay in shape for many Angelenos. Although the approach is not new — boot camp workouts have been around for decades — there are now more variations than ever to the popular exercise form. The following are three local options for you to consider for a healthier 2019.


For more than 16 years, BootcampLA has been a favorite exercise option for greater Miracle Mile residents. Founded by Jay and Marcella Kerwin, the class meets in the open green space at the Natural History Museum’s La Brea Tar Pits, 5801 Wilshire Blvd.

“Many of us spend way too much time indoors because work requires that of us,” co-founder Marcella Kerwin told the Chronicle last month. “We started BootcampLA with the goal to help people in the community get in shape and be healthy through a program that takes advantage of the beautiful weather.”

The name may sound daunting, but the workouts are fun, promised Marcella.

“Our boot camp approach to exercise works great because the classes are one hour long and includes cardio, strength training and stretching,” said Marcella. “Everything you need to do to get fit is covered within the hour.”

Each day the class’ activities are changed to keep it interesting, and assistance with healthy eating and lifestyle choices are provided.

“Some clients have very little experience working out, and some clients have been working out with us for years,” said Kerwin. “We always make sure everyone gets a great workout, and best of all, we have fun doing it!”


Kiwi Trainer

New Zealand native Robin Hall meets his clients at Robert Burns Park in Windsor Square for what he calls a “kiwi-style” boot camp and personal training sessions.

KIWI TRAINER Robin Hall meets clients at Burns Park.

“It’s kiwi the bird, not the fruit,” Hall joked when we met for a training session early one Saturday morning last month.

Hall uses high-intensity interval training, or HIIT, to burn fat and build muscle for his clients. “Intense intervals will melt away stress, and conditioning circuits will shape and sculpt your body,” explained Hall. “Clients leave each session pumped, mentally and physically.”

In fact, Hall includes life-coaching aspects to all of his sessions. He takes a holistic approach to fitness, mind and body. And he exudes a positive attitude that is infectious.

After enduring a one-hour class, which included, for example, squat exercises interrupted by a round of sprints, this reporter can attest to the effectiveness of Hall’s workout. However, it was perhaps the motivational and inspirational encouragement that lingered with me the longest. While lightly jogging, we talked about the importance of positive influences; while stretching, we talked about gratitude. Following our time together, I left focused and motivated.

Need to lose weight? Feeling tired and stressed? “Begin your day with inspiration and perspiration,” prescribes Hall.

For more information, call 323-747-2666 or email

Barry’s Bootcamp

Amassing a cult following, Barry’s Bootcamp is redefining the boot camp genre for a new generation. The music is loud, the lighting is dark (red) and the pace is intense.

With more than 40 studios worldwide, you can find the closest Barry’s at 6201 Hollywood Blvd., suite 110, just across the street from the Pantages Theatre.

The class consists of a 55-minute workout that involves 25 minutes of interval-based treadmill routines, mixed with 25 minutes of strength and resistance training using free weights and bands.

Each class burns up to 1,000 calories, the company claims, by keeping the heart-rate elevated throughout the workout.

The best part is that, because the treadmill and weights are scalable, there’s a place for everyone no matter your fitness level. And thanks to in-studio “Fuel Bars” at all Barry’s locations, clients can grab a pre-ordered protein shake on their way out of class.


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