GWNC requires advance registration to vote by mail

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Registration for the March 2021 Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council (GWNC) election has begun. Apply online at:

The 2021 neighborhood council election season opened in November, with 44 local stakeholders volunteering as candidates by the end of last year. They are: Joane Henneberger Pickett, Owen Smith, Jeffry Carpenter, Zubin Davar, Brian Donahoe, Jose Tamayo, Jennifer DeVore, David Trainer, Cathy Roberts, Vince Cox, Kathryn Burke, Charles D’Atri, Philip A. Farha, Christopher Hauck, Robert Lindall and Bindhu Varghese.

More are: Patricia Carroll, William Schneider, Conrad Starr, Juan Portillo Jr., John Gresham, Kimberly Nortman, Michael Duggan, Gary Gilbert, Caroline Labiner Moser, Thomas Atlee, Beau Lloyd, Stephanie Shim, Brian Curran, Joe Suh, Sam Uretsky and April Hannon.

The remainder are: Bailey Benningfield, Maria Sulprizio, Hayden Conner Ashworth, John Winther, John McNicholas, Michael Knowles, Raphie Cantor, Scott Appel, Michael Genewick, Cindy Chvatal-Keane, Colette Amin and Helen Eigenberg.

Some of the above have posted candidate statements at, where you must select “Greater Wilshire” on the pull-down menu.

Due to the pandemic, the City Clerk has decreed that this year’s election will be entirely vote-by-mail, requiring voters to apply for a ballot, which will be sent to the voter’s submitted mailing address to be completed and returned.

Each of the 44 candidates is running for one of the 21 seats on the GWNC board of directors. Of those seats, 15 are for specific geographic areas where voters live, work or own property. The other six seats are for special interest categories: At Large, Renter, Business, Education, Religion and Other Nonprofit. Stakeholders who live, work or own property within the Greater Wilshire boundaries are allowed to vote for two directors: one geographic area director and one special interest director.

March 9 registration deadline

You must be registered to receive a ballot. The Vote-By-Mail Application Portal is at the link at the beginning of this story. Paper applications also can be downloaded and returned via mail. Stakeholders registering for the election must present a form of identification or documentation verifying stakeholder status. These can be uploaded through the Vote-By-Mail Application Portal, or copies may be mailed with the paper application.

The Vote-By-Mail application period ends March 9. If you have any questions about the voter registration application process, please contact GWNC elections chair Brian Curran at or try the City Clerk’s office at 213-978-0444.

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