Election 2024 winners and Nov. runoffs

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While some City of Los Angeles candidates’ seats were secured for another term on Super Tuesday, the remainder — who ended in the “top two” of their respective statewide races — will be on the ballot in the General Election on Tues., Nov. 5, 2024.

Voters have a long stretch ahead — seven months — to decide for whom to vote again.

U.S. Congress seats

In the race for the California 30th District House of Representatives seat — long held by U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff — where 15 candidates were in the running, San Fernando Valley Democrat and State Assemblymember Laura Friedman pulled ahead with 30.09 percent of the votes, followed by Republican Alex Balekian with 17.42 percent; they face a runoff in November.

Adjoining the 30th California Congressional District are Districts 34 and 37. In both races, the incumbent U.S. Representatives came out ahead: Jimmy Gomez received 51.16 percent of the votes in Congressional District 34. He will face David Kim, who received 27.91 percent, in November. In the 37th District Sydney Kamlager-Dove received 72.45 percent of the vote and will face Juan Rey, who got 10.34 percent.

District Attorney

Incumbent DA George Gascon led the pack of 11 challengers, but barely, with 25.19 percent of the vote. Runner up was former federal prosecutor Nathan Hochman with 15.94 percent of the vote, earning a spot in a November runoff.

Many of the challengers were from Gascon’s own office — the largest local prosecutorial office in the country.

City Council

Some Larchmont Chronicle readers voted in the primary for a city councilmember in Council District 10, which runs along the southern and eastern borders of the paper’s readership area. Incumbent Heather Hutt garnered 37.79 percent of the votes. Grace Yoo came in second with 23.12 percent of the vote and will be in the runoff with Hutt.

Board of Supervisors

Some Chronicle readers also got to vote for Supervisor in District 2. Incumbent Los Angeles County Supervisor Holly J. Mitchell will serve another four years after receiving 68.45 percent of the vote in the March 5 primary.

California Legislature

In the State Assembly, two incumbents: Rick Chavez Zbur (with 78.30 percent of the votes in Assembly District 51) and Isaac Bryan (with 83.88 percent of the  votes in Assembly District 55) will face run-off challengers Stephan Hohil, who had 10.90 percent, and Keith G. Cascio, who had 16.12 percent, respectively.

In the 54th Assembly District, which includes a bit of the southeast corner of the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council area, Mark Gonzalez will face John K. Yi in November, with 45.20 and 34.48 percent of votes respectively.

U.S. Senate and more

Rep. Adam Schiff (Democrat) and former ballplayer Steve Garvey (Republican) are in the runoff for the U.S. Senate seat of the late Dianne Feinstein. Schiff won 37 percent of the primary vote, and Garvey received 24.46 percent.

John Welborne also contributed to this article.

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