Driver ran a red light and crashed at Beverly, Arden

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ACCIDENT on Arden Blvd.

Reports of two major accidents at the intersection of Arden and Beverly boulevards were made last month.

According to a resident on Arden, the most recent accident occurred on Sun., July 22 at 2 a.m. after a driver ran a red light. (See “Accidents at Arden” letter, page 2, August LC.)

Often, drivers heading west on Beverly speed at the intersection hoping to beat a light at Rossmore, the resident said.

A car also ran a red light at the same intersection and resulted in a serious collision Sun., July 15.

In that earlier incident, a staff member of the Larchmont Chronicle was driving south in a 25 mph lane on Arden, when the other driver heading west on Beverly smashed into the driver’s side of her Lexus SUV. She was taken to an emergency room and released about four hours later, suffering moderate injuries.

At the time of the July 15 accident, which occurred at about 3:30 p.m., a woman was walking her dog near her Arden home, and she was about to cross Beverly. But her dog pulled her back to sniff the grass.

The witness told investigators that had it not been for her dog, she and her four-legged companion probably would have been hit in the crosswalk.

An investigation is pending, and police caution members of the public to drive safely, obeying rules of the road, to not text while driving, or drive under the influence.

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