Cub Scout Pack 16 Raingutter Regatta: ‘Scary’ and ‘Artistic’ results

| December 28, 2023 | 0 Comments

CHAMPIONS Catherine Abdelshehid, Gabriel Tarossa, William For and Aiden Park.

By Jim Kalin

Local Cub Scout Pack 16 held its annual Raingutter Regatta race Nov. 10 at the St. Brendan School gymnasium. The Tigers, which are the youngest scouts, were not present, so there were just four racing divisions. In addition to the competition, there was plenty of pizza, snacking and pandemonium.

Below are the results of the specialty contest and racing.

SOME OF Pack 16’s winning floating entrants.

Wolves — Winner: Gabriel Tarossa. Most Scary Boat: Indy Jung with the boat Skull. Most Artistic Boat: Amaya Rempis with the boat Princess.

Bears — Winner: Catherine Abdelshehid. Most Scary Boat: Mason Im with the boat The Shark. Most Artistic Boat: Adriana Kim with the boat Sunset.

WEBELO 1 — Winner: Aiden Park. Most Creative Boat: Astrid Huybrechs with the boat Nugget. Most Eco-friendly Boat: Zachary Bitzelberger with the boat The Earth.

WEBELO 2 — Winner: William For. Most Original Boat: Belinda Vasquez with the boat Eye Wonder. Best Effort Boat: Che Nafa with the boat Batman.


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