Commission considers designs of Chandler home

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ESTATE before the recent changes.

ESTATE before the recent changes.

Choice of paint color at a home at 455 S. Lorraine Blvd. was the “straw that broke the camel’s back,” said Ken Bernstein, manager, Office of Historic Resources, city Planning Dept.

He made his remarks to the Chronicle after a meeting of the city Cultural Heritage Commission in November to consider design changes at the former Chandler estate.

The home’s new owners’ representatives presented existing and proposed work to the property which includes the restoration of the pool house that was partially demolished by the previous owners.

Members of the community testified and expressed concern that the completed work, including the stark white exterior, was not appropriate to the Beaux Arts style of the home built in 1912.

Additional comments addressed additions and changes to the front landscape that community members said diminished the stately elegance of the iconic landmark.

Richard Barron, Commission president, agreed that the exterior color choice was inappropriate and appointed a sub-committee of two commissioners to visit the property and report back to the Commission on the current status of the property and recommend how best to address these issues.

The discussion on the exterior alterations will be continued to a future meeting of the Commission.

Because the property at 455 S. Lorraine is listed as Historic-Cultural Monument #863, the home is not under the jurisdiction of the Windsor Square Historic Preservation Overlay Zone, said members of the Windsor Square Design Review board.

Any changes or improvements to the property must be reviewed and approved by the Cultural Heritage Commission.

CHANGES by the owners of a Cultural Historic Landmark home in Windsor Square is contrary to the Secretary of the Interior’s guidelines.

CHANGES by the owners of the Cultural Historic Landmark home in Windsor Square is contrary to the Secretary of the Interior’s guideline.



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