Boulevard Heights named a National Historic Place

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HOMES on a two-block stretch of S. Bronson Ave. include this Craftsman style house in the newly named district.

The neighborhood just got another feather in its cap.

The Boulevard Heights Historic District was approved by the State Historical Resources Commission, and went up on the National Register of Historic Places website in October.

“We’re starting to work on getting signs so people know we actually made it,” said area resident Robby O’Donnell.

The two-block, 81-home area—from 658 to 899 S. Bronson Ave.—joins more than 80,000 sites on the National Register.

Built in the early 20th-century—between Ninth St. and Wilshire Blvd.—the District’s homes feature Craftsman, Mediterranean, Colonial and Tudor Revival styles.

Wilshire Park HPOZ

Much of the work garnering the nomination was in place from when residents had collected archival photographs, researched architects and styles and raised funds to hire a vetting firm to obtain the Wilshire Park Historic Preservation Overlay Zone in 2007.

As a national cultural resource worthy of preservation, the placement provides a degree of protection from adverse effects resulting from federally funded or licensed projects. Registration also encourages  incentives for preservation of historic properties, including special building codes to facilitate the restoration of historic structures and tax advantages.

There are no restrictions placed upon a private property owner with regard to normal use, maintenance, or sale of a property listed in the National Register.

However, a project that may cause substantial adverse changes in the significance of a registered property may require compliance with local ordinances or the California Environment Quality Act.

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