Boulevard favorites and a masked golden are among the pack

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Meet this year’s inductees into our annual Pets of Larchmont!

ROCKSTAR Halpern-Goldstein enjoys strolls on Larchmont Blvd.

Rockstar Halpern-Goldstein, Windsor Square, “loves belly rubs, her Peppa Pig plush doll and walking up to Larchmont and getting puppy treats from Diptyque or a piece of turkey from Larchmont Wine and Cheese,” says Jonathan Goldstein.

JOEY didn’t ask for his baby sister Lily Reuben — but he loves her all the same.

Joey, 12, never asked for a baby sister — Lily Reuben, 3;
“but he is eternally patient with her at their Windsor Square home,” says Kiel Fitzgerald.

BEAU likes to get treats at Chevalier’s Books.

Beau, a 12-year-old Havanese who has grown up in Windsor Square on Beachwood, loves walking on the boulevard visiting stores and getting treats at Chevalier’s Books or just getting petted while his parents (Adrienne and Stephen Cole) eat at [before the pandemic] Peet’s, Groundworks, Louise’s, Le Pain Quotidien and more.

PUPPY Sophie in her pink crown bed.

You may remember Sophie, a red, longhaired dachshund featured in our Pets of Larchmont issues 2014-2018? “Unfortunately Sophie died in March 2019 at the young age of 11.  We were heartbroken,” Susan Tepper-Goodman tells us.

The S. Plymouth Blvd. family has recently welcomed “a new, gorgeous, 10-month-old red longhaired dachshund puppy also named Sophie.”

BELLA and BUSTER on Manhattan Place.

Bella and Buster live on Manhattan Place where the felines are often “giving us the sad eyes for more treats … which works every time,” said Mary and Art Fruchtenbaum.

SCARLET heads up squirrel patrol on St. Andrews Place.

Scarlet lives on N. St. Andrews Pl., where her favorite hobby is squirrel patrol, Lori Elmelund tells us.

Zhatto Solis is a small feller with a big bark but an even bigger heart,” James Geovanny tells us of his shih tzu.

ZHATTO SOLIS is a huge fan of the Larchmont Chronicle.

Zhatto, it turns out, is “a huge fan of the Larchmont Chronicle, and wears its colors on his sleeves and ears.”

We’re not sure about the colors, or the sleeves, but we think he is adorable all the same. The pair lives on Wilshire and Western.


Rachel Olivier lives and works (at the Larchmont Chronicle!) on Larchmont with Dakota and Pippin, both 1.

“I adopted them from NKLA at an adoption event in September 2019. I only went to ‘look’ and came home with two kittens who were the last of their two separate litters. They are best friends.

‘They are also a wonderful chaotic joy for me as they keep me cheerful and grounded during the pandemic lockdown.

“It’s really hard to leave them behind when I come to work,” Olivier added.

PUCCI is 8.5 pounds of pure joy.

Pucci “is 8.5 pounds of pure joy here on Las Palmas,” Steven Steinman and Doris Berger tell us.

HARRISON FORD was rescued through an animal group on Larchmont Blvd.

Harrison Ford, a Maine coon tabby, was adopted from the Kitt Crusaders animal rescue group on Larchmont, Violet Buescher tells us.

BEATRIX is a “good citizen.”

Beatrix is a two-year-old rescue Affengriffon, Lion Paulson of N. June St. tells us. “She is an American Kennel Club good citizen and has completed two courses of dog training,” adds the St. Brendan eighth grader. The toy breed also has her own Instagram feed.

ANGEL AND RAPHAEL guard pies from Du-pars’, as part of First-In Fire Foundation’s “We Care: Firehouse Dinners” program.

Angel, a seven-month-old French standard poodle puppy, and Raphael, a giant schnauzer (nine months old), are First-In Fire Foundation’s new mascots, Lyn and Marc Cohen tell us.

SPARKY is following the social-distancing rules in Brookside!

Sparky, on Brookside, is following the rules: The “masked” 11-year-old goldendoodle lives with Nanci and Rich Leonard, 44-year residents of Brookside.

SONNY and JOSIE make each other’s acquaintance.

Robin Jameson greeted a new puppy, Sonny, who joins Josie, 10, on S. Lucerne Blvd. “They are both black and rust Dobermans… Sonny was 8 weeks old in this pic… now [he’s] a big boy at six months and 65 lbs.!” Jameson says.

SOPHIE lounges in Fremont Place.

Sophie is a popular Fremont Place pet,” Julia Dalton tells us of her calico. “She likes to visit with children and dogs when they are walking around the neighborhood. She will always greet you, and enjoys the company!
In the past, Sophie could be found in the driveway, but this summer, she has relocated to the backyard because of a coyote sighting. Sophie is staying safe!”

QUEEN CALAFIA, (Callie) in Fremont Place.

Queen Calafia (Callie) is a beautiful brown tabby white Maine coone. “Callie knows she’s royalty, and is always treated as such!” says Dalton of her second feline.

TOKKI and Councilman David Ryu.

Tokki is the name of Councilman David Ryu’s new kitten. It means “bunny” in Korean, he explains.

KEESHA AND BAILEY — siblings in spirit.

Bailey has found his new home — and fellow golden retriever and look-alike Keesha — with Pam Rudy and Pierre Debbaudt on S. Gramercy Place.

And, so there you have it. Until next year, be well. And remember to take the dog out (and pet the cat).

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