Billboard blight: revenue for governments, vendor?

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Glowing digital ads for new TV shows and personal injury attorneys may soon be at a Metro property near you, if city officials approve a proposed billboard scheme.

EXAMPLE OF possible digital style billboard at Metro stops.

A public hearing is set for Thurs., Sept. 14, to consider Metro’s request to display digital signs in certain places throughout the city. The Los Angeles City Planning Commission (CPC) will hear public comment that day on a draft city ordinance to allow Metro’s proposed Transportation Communication Network (TCN) to proceed. Learn more at

If approved, the ordinance will leave the city uglier, less safe and further from its own clean-energy goals, says national nonprofit advocacy group Scenic America (

Currently there is a citywide ban on off-site digital billboards. In addition to Scenic America, other nonprofit groups oppose this latest proposal to loosen billboard regulation.

According to a July 12, 2023, message from the Coalition for a Beautiful Los Angeles (, City Council President Paul Krekorian is “the driving force behind this effort to monetize and commercialize our visual landscape, attempting to rush the program through as quickly as possible.”

If moved forward by the CPC, the draft ordinance would next go to the Planning and Land Use Management (PLUM) committee of the city council before heading to the full city council.

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