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TISH LAMPERT traveled throughout the nation.

TISH LAMPERT traveled throughout the nation.

Internationally renowned photojournalist and Brookside resident Tish Lampert has just launched her latest publishing project, “America Speaks.”

The book, made possible through a Nathan Cummings Foundation grant, is an archival collection of photographs, vignettes and commentary that captures the mood in the United States during the last 12 years, bearing witness to the political activism taking place in this post-Clinton era.

“I started 13 years ago with the disputed election of 2000,” Lampert recently told the “Malibu Times.” “I had never seen the country so divided, and I wondered where political activism was going. I had just turned 50 and was fascinated because I couldn’t see a U.S. voice, post-Clinton. There was no cultural touchstone. So I started photographing the stuff that wasn’t being covered by the mainstream press.”

Lampert traveled across the country to learn more about what its citizens were thinking and saying. What she found were many different voices rising up in protest. She covered the Occupy movement in New York, the rise of the Tea Party throughout the country, the Wisconsin protests regarding collective bargaining rights for public sector employees, political conventions and protest rallies.

Lampert’s photojournalism career stretches back decades.  Originally from New York City, She began her photojournalism work as a freelancer in London at “The London Times,” “The Evening Standard” and “Time Out Magazine.” She currently works as an United Nations photojournalist in New York City and Africa.

Human rights issues are Lampert’s main focus. Her lens has captured the genocide in Rwanda and the atrocities in Bosnia. She was there for the 1992 riots in Los Angeles and the Caesar Chavez movement for migrant worker’s rights. Her “in the field” investigations include Human Rights Watch, The Africa Project, The Los Angeles School District, and US Doctors Without Borders.

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