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ROSSMORE AVENUE, the scene of several accidents, is referred to as the “Wild West,” said Eric Evavold.

ROSSMORE AVENUE, the scene of several accidents, is referred to as the “Wild West,” said Eric Evavold.

Eric Evavold is one of many long-term tenants who live in a charming 1924 apartment building at 601 N. Rossmore Ave.

“It’s the first building in the area,” he says proudly.

Back when the three-story apartment building was built — even though Ford was busy building Model Ts — parking wasn’t considered. Tenants in the 40-unit building have always made due on nearby streets. All of that was about to change, with nighttime permit parking set to start on neighboring streets, from 6 p.m. to 8 a.m.

The northeast quadrant of Hancock Park is adjacent to restaurants and bars on Melrose Ave., and residents have seen increased parking activity in recent years.

While residents of houses in the neighborhood were notified by the city that they would receive permits allowing them to park in the restricted areas on Lillian Way, Clinton St., Rosewood Ave. and Cahuenga Blvd., the Rossmore tenants were not included. They feared they would have to take their chances on the dangerous strip of Rossmore (often called “The Wild West”), said Evavold.

The other option would be to walk up to five blocks, or move, he added.

Because of these concerns, meetings were scheduled with Councilman David Ryu and his staff and the city Dept. of Transportation. The results have been positive, all sides agree.

“We are working with LADOT to expedite this process,” said Estevan Montemayor, the councilman’s director of communications.

A letter to Seleta Reynolds, general manager, LADOT, from Ryu’s office, asked specifically for the 601 N. Rossmore Ave. tenants to be included in the Temporary Preferential Parking District, as well as those at 585 N. Rossmore Ave.

The new signs have been posted and permit issuance is underway.

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